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By R. M. Ogilvie

ISBN-10: 0198144326

ISBN-13: 9780198144328

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To my wisdom, this has turn into the normal statement for the 1st five books of Livy. it really is a laugh to learn the various modern reviews--none of which have been altogether favorable. them all appeared skeptical of the length--as the same sized remark on all extant books of Livy could run over 7000 pages. The longest assessment i may locate, years after booklet, in simple terms criticized the relatively brief creation, and frankly had no longer appeared a lot extra on the remark itself!

Here's an excerpt from a evaluation discussing the breadth of Ogilvie's scholarship:
Abundant remark on
political heritage and prosopography is furnished,
as a really useful complement to Livy's political
inexperience, his moralizing bent, and his not
unjustified perspective that the early heritage of Rome
is mythical at most sensible. significant recognition is
paid to Roman religion-again an important emphasis
in view of Livy's tendency to straddle between
his personal desire to take faith heavily, and the
contemporary skepticism that observed piety as an
affectation for political purposes.

Review by way of: Alfred C. Schlesinger
The Classical magazine, Vol. sixty one, No. 6 (Mar., 1966)

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1-2: the m only contemporary Genucius of whom we of Cybele (Val. Max. 7. 7. 6). ), a iL. Alienus at sponsible for the fantastic cognomen Cicer suggestive Cornicen (3. 35. ). The Macer's, but the difference is that where M of political allies of respectable Roman d 14 themselves by staying in Rome during the mediator with Sulla was required it was L 86) who was sent to Asia and the other L. V of 100, who proposed a reconciliation with introduced enabling legislation in Sulla's between the Valerii and Sulla was natural shared by Valerius Antias can hardly be que Antium was most cruelly treated by Mariu Sulla is examined below.

Hist. 564 F 5 a and b) apparently because the introduction of the Aeneas legend entailed that the Latins could not have been an autochthonous race but must have been the result of the fusion of Trojan and native (aboriginal) stock (Cato frr. ). Thereafter they remained a constant element in the story (for Lycophron's Bopelyovoi cf. Zielinski, Deutsch. Philol. 1891, 4 1 ; de Sanctis, Storia, 1. 173; Kretschmer, Glotta 20 (1932), 198), 1 . 6 . duplex: the second version, which spares the Latins the humilia­ tion of defeat and the Romans the infamy of aggression, doubtless gained currency from the late fourth century when the foundation legend was invoked to improve relations with the Latins.

E. Aeneas as divine ancestor, which was attested at the river 39 I- I . 10 FOUNDATION OF ROME Numicius near Lavinium (Fabius Pic tor fr. 4 P . ; Naevius ap. Macrobius 6. 2. 31) has recently been confirmed by a fourth-century cippus found at Tor Tignosa 5 miles inland from Lavinium and inscribed LARE AiNEiA D(ONOM) to be of comparable antiquity with the Lavinian Penates (Guarducci, Bull. Commun. S. 50 (1 g6o), 114-18). Now the cult of Aeneas never reached Rome, although the legend did, and the explanation of the role played by Lavinium in the Trojan origins of Rome may lie in the significance of that fact coupled with the peculiar nature of the R o m a n Penates.

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