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By S. M. Stirling

ISBN-10: 0451461665

ISBN-13: 9780451461667

Within the 10th yr of The switch, the survivors in western Oregon have discovered the best way to dwell in an international with no know-how. yet a war of words among the forces of these who could rebuild the realm peacefully and the dreaded Protector, who will use no matter what capability at his command to increase his energy, threatens to plunge the complete zone into open war.

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The graffiti," she replied. "No," he answered, surprised. Corvallis was a very tightly run ship these days; he supposed it came with all the civic spirit. " She giggled and her brother and sister-in-law smiled; Mike Havel gave a full-throated laugh. Mary and Ritva turned puzzled eyes on their elders. "I bet that was written by someone over forty," Havel chortled. They turned right again and into a district where most houses were a century old or more; this part of Corvallis was laid out along a grid, and the streets were broad and tree-lined.

Signe laughed. "You were born on a farm and lived on it until you enlisted in the Marine Corps. " "My dad worked the mines, mostly. We were close to town. " "Where your family raised spuds and pigs and cooked on a woodstove. " "Chasing girls and running my motorcycle were right up there. " "I do now. Back then I was a vegetarian. And when you got out of the Corps, you went and became a bush pilot in Idaho. You, my darling, are a hayseed of hayseeds and a hick of hicks. " The smile died a little as she looked around at the busy brightness and rubbed an index finger on the little white scar that nicked the bridge of her straight nose.

Eric thumped himself on the forehead, a fairly loud process when you were wearing a metal-backed gauntlet and a helmet. "And ours are solid welded steel. " "It'd be quicker to dig the concrete and stone out from around," Havel agreed. He made a gesture up and around. "What happened here is that someone got a bright idea out of a history book. Your esteemed father tends to do that too. Sometimes it's brilliant. " Behind him Ritva giggled. ’” "Silence, peanut," Havel said affectionately, turning and winking at her.

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