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By Ellis Peters

ISBN-10: 0446400882

ISBN-13: 9780446400886

Eventually, Brother Cadfael's many lovers can detect the chain of occasions that led him into the Benedictine Order! Lavishly illustrated, those 3 stories exhibit Cadfael on the top of his sleuthing shape. "Three vintage tales that includes Brother Cadfael . . . whose powers of deduction are virtually miraculous".--Booklist.

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A comely enough face, strongly featured, with the bold bones of his race there had been women, in his time, who had found him handsome. “I had a girl,” he said meditatively, “years back, before ever I went crusading. But I left her when I took the Cross, left her for three years and stayed away seventeen. The truth is, in the east I forgot her, and in the west she, thanks be to God, had forgotten me. I did enquire, when I got back. She’d made a better bargain, and married a decent, solid man who had nothing of the vagus in him.

Asked Roger in a grating whisper. “Which of them? ” “No,” said Cadfael simply. “Do your own divining. ” Roger’s face had turned grey. He was hearing again the plan unfolded so seductively in his ear. “You cannot leave me so! If you know so much, for God’s sake return with me, see me safely home, at least. ” “No,” said Cadfael again. ” It was fair, he considered; it was enough. He turned and went away without another word. He went, just as he was, to Vespers in the parish church, for no better reason or so he thought then than that the dimness within the open doorway beckoned him as he turned his back on a duty completed, inviting him to quietness and thought, and the bell was just sounding.

Since the action in the first book was almost all in Wales, and even in succeeding ones went back and forth freely across the border, just as the history of Shrewsbury always has, Cadfael had to be Welsh, and very much at home there. His name was chosen as being so rare that I can find it only once in Welsh history, and even in that instance it disappears almost as soon as it is bestowed in baptism. Saint Cadog, contemporary and rival of Saint David, a powerful saint in Glamorgan, was actually christened Cadfael, but ever after seems to have been ‘familiarly known’, as Sir John Lloyd says, as Cadog.

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