Download e-book for iPad: Adieu to God: Why Psychology Leads to Atheism by Mick Power

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By Mick Power

ISBN-10: 0470669934

ISBN-13: 9780470669938

ISBN-10: 1119950864

ISBN-13: 9781119950868

Adieu to God examines atheism from a mental point of view and divulges how spiritual phenomena and ideology are mental instead of supernatural in foundation.

  • Answers the mental query of why, within the face of overwhelming clinical proof on the contrary, do religions proceed to prosper?
  • Looks at atheism and faith utilizing a good and balanced strategy according to the most recent paintings in psychology, sociology, anthropology, psychiatry and drugs
  • Acknowledges the numerous mental advantages of faith whereas nonetheless wondering the validity of its supernatural trust platforms and delivering atheist choices to a satisfying lifestyles
      Chapter 1 a quick heritage of faith (pages 1–31):
      Chapter 2 The Psychology of Religion—The sorts of basic event (pages 33–60):
      Chapter three The Psychology of Religion—The sorts of irregular adventure (pages 61–87):
      Chapter four Social buildings and faith (pages 89–112):
      Chapter five faith, strength, and regulate (pages 113–139):
      Chapter 6 faith and health and wellbeing (pages 141–165):
      Chapter 7 find out how to Be a fit Atheist (pages 167–179):

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Dreams have played a significant role in most other religions, and along with visions (considered in Chapter 3) are often considered as a source of revelation. A final example of the role of dreams in religion comes from the dream of Queen Maya, the mother of Siddhartha Gautama (now simply referred to as the Buddha). On the night of the Buddha’s conception, Queen Maya, who was named after the goddess of dreams, dreamt that a white elephant with six white tusks entered her right side, which was the first portent of the child’s great future.

Although science does not have the complete answer, it is not necessary to equate consciousness with something akin to an immortal soul that can exist separately from those neuronal underpinnings; the immortality illusion is by definition an illusion. g. Power, 1997) has emphasized that consciousness is just the tip of a mental iceberg in which so much of our waking and sleeping activity occurs at an unconscious or automatic level that is outside of our awareness. The importance of the unconscious and of unconscious processes will be considered further in their implications for religion and religious belief in later sections of this book.

His conclusion certainly does not equate man with god but in fact the opposite. God-as-Man The Judaeo-Christian God is normally pictured as a wise old man with white hair and a beard in a long white tunic. In fact, he could even remind you of your local priest. And that is exactly the point. If there is a universal P1: OTA/XYZ JWST081-01 P2: ABC JWST081-Power July 11, 2011 13:57 Printer Name: Yet to Come A Short History of Religion 29 deity that is omniscient and omnipresent, that occupies the vast expanse of the universe(s), and that knows the past, present, and future position of every atom in the universe(s), it would be physically impossible for such a being to be an old man sitting on a cloud just above Planet Earth.

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