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By Rebecca Kukla

ISBN-10: 0521862019

ISBN-13: 9780521862011

This 2006 quantity explores the connection among Kant's aesthetic conception and his severe epistemology as articulated within the Critique of natural cause and the Critique of the facility of Judgment.

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22 Thus, as Hannah Ginsborg puts it, “intuitions are structured or synthesized by the imagination in a way that allows for the representation of generality” (my emphasis). These essays ask what such activity of the imagination might consist of, and how its results can achieve objective validity while avoiding circularity (using discursive rules to structure intuition so as to make it suitable for subsumption under discursive rules). While Ginsborg shows how Kant’s version of this problem has deep roots in eighteenth-century empiricism, Manning and Okrent show its tight connections to a crucial set of debates in contemporary philosophy of mind and epistemology, which ask how our receptive, sensuous contact with the empirical world can play a properly authoritative role in enabling objective judgment and concept application.

20 Similarly, in this volume McCumber claims that Kant “fights” his own evolving picture of the aesthetic at every step, “refuting or denigrating” his own main conclusions and “abruptly terminating” discussions that would fill out and clarify this picture. And indeed, it does seem that despite Kant’s architectonic ambitions and his clear desire for a systematic unity of the three Critiques, he is remarkably reticent about directly discussing the substantive connections between empirical and aesthetic judgment or the role of figurative synthesis in cognition.

Understanding an object, for Pillow, might encompass not only determining of which general concepts it instantiates, but also grasping how to use it, its history, its relationship to other objects and human practices, its symbolic meanings, its location within a system of property rights, and so forth. Such understanding is governed not just by the ideal of truth, but also by a host of cognitive values driven by our collective interests, such as salience, symbolic resonance, and coherence, many of which have an ineliminably aesthetic dimension.

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