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By Alan Oken

ISBN-10: 0553345370

ISBN-13: 9780553345377

"Our activity is to lovingly and consciously cooperate with the forces at paintings in this globe at this time.  Astrology presents how to hyperlink the person with a unsleeping attunement to the planetary forces which are a part of and impact the whole."

More than fifteen years in the past, Alan Oken pioneered the improvement of latest Age astrology with the ebook of 3 books gathered during this entire edition.  Now, newly up-to-date, Alan Oken's whole Astrology charts the cosmological pathway to larger own achievement and religious attunement via a deeper, extra intuitive realizing of our personal power--and the age we are living in.

Featuring cutting-edge astrological charts and diagrams, line drawings, charts of latest celebrities, an exhaustive bibliography and lots more and plenty extra, this new version of the vintage trilogy is without doubt one of the so much obtainable and informative publications to the heavens ever written.  For newcomers and specialists alike, Alan Oken's whole Astrology is your key to figuring out the legislation of the hot planetary age.

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Only its top layers are exposed to the primary rays of the Sun, the winds , and rain. How deep is the Earth? How many layers of organic matter have decomposed and added to its profundity since its formation? How many mountains have crumbled and fallen only to sink deeper into her body and be buried yet again by other mountains? We and so many species of animals and plants depend on the soil of the Earth for our sustenance and well-being. Yet we pollute our Earth, scar her surfaces with bomb craters, burn huge forests, and watch her rich soil turn to desert.

Terry A s t rology and astrpnomy d e v e loped s i m u l taneou s l y . Early astronomer-astrologers (the words were used interchangeably until the late seventeenth century) , began to see the many correlations between the movements of the planetary bodies and the subsequent events on Earth. They began to record these celestial phenomena and to observe the heavens with great care. Through their ability to note the course of planetary cycles, these scholars and priests could also discover the pattern of their relevance to king and country.

The total period of precession is about 26,000 years and represents the length of time it takes for twelve of these World Ages to pass. " During a Great Year, the North and South Poles each trace a circle in space. I n one 26,000-year period the pole- star can change four times, since the axis of the Earth shifts enough for the North Pole to point to other stars besides the present one, Polaris. C . , Alpha Draconis was the pole star. D . , Alpha Cephei will be the star to which the North Pole of our axis will point.

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