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Leads Initiate back to center of Circle, saying: H: Having learned this far, you must know why the Wicca are called the Hidden Children of the Goddess. Proceed with the Legend of the Descent of the Goddess. Generally Initiate and Hierophant act the appropriate parts. H. appoints Narrator and Guardian. NOTES ● ● published in Janet and Stewart Farrar's The Witches' Way lots of other published sources too. The Legend of the Descent of the Goddess roles: ● ● ● ● Narrator (N) Goddess Lord of Death (D) Guardian(s) needs: ● ● ● ● veils, jewellery Horned Crown Sword Scourge She who will portray the Goddess removes her necklace and places it upon the altar, donning veils and jewellery in its stead.

By the great and holy name Cernunnos; In the name of Aradia; Encorage our hearts, Let the light crystalize itself in our blood, Fulfilling of us resurrection. " ..... HP rises and goes to each Quarter in turn saying: HP: Ye Lords of the Watchtowers of the East [S, W, N]; the thrice consecrated High Priestess greets you and thanks you. NOTES ● published in Janet and Stewart Farrar's The Witches' Wayand Stewart Farrar's What Witches Do. ) The Farrars say that they are giving GBG's Text B version.

Kneeling, H. places left hand under Candidate's knee and right hand upon his (her) head to form the Magical Link and concentrates long enough to fully charge C, saying: H: I will all my power into thee. Candidate's knees and ankles are now unbound, and he/she is assisted to rise. Hierophant takes up oil and anoints C. at pubes, right breast, left hip, right hip, left breast, and above pubic hair again, saying: H: I consecrate thee with oil. TD> And lastly kisses Candidate in the same pattern: H: I consecrate thee with my lips, High Priest(ess) and Magus (Witch Queen).

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