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By Susan J. Palmer

ISBN-10: 0813534755

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ISBN-13: 9780813534763

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"Skillfully weaving jointly enticing narrative and cautious sociological research, Susan Palmer has written a ground-breaking examine that may be the benchmark for all destiny stories of different religions."—James R. Lewis, basic editor of The Oxford guide of latest spiritual events and writer of Legitimating New Religions "Susan Palmer has a rare skill to probe past stereotypes and comprehend unconventional spiritual and social pursuits. Her most up-to-date publication admirably combines rigorous scholarship and sincere empathy in depicting probably the most poorly understood events of our time."—Timothy Miller, collage of KansasAliens cherished is the 1st complete size, in-depth examine the Raelian flow, a desirable new faith based within the Seventies by way of the charismatic prophet, Ra?l. Born in France as Claude Vorilhon, the previous race-car motive force based the faith after he skilled a visitation from the extraterrestrial beings (the "elohim") who, in his cosmology, created people via cloning themselves. The millenarian move awaits the go back of the alien creators, and meanwhile seeks to strengthen the possibility of its adherents via unfastened love, sexual experimentation, competition to nuclear proliferation and warfare, and the advance of the technological know-how of cloning. Sociologist Susan J. Palmer has studied the Raelian move for greater than a decade, watching conferences and rituals and having fun with remarkable entry to the group’s leaders in addition to to its rank-and-file participants. during this pioneering examine she presents a radical research of the stream, targeting problems with sexuality, millenarianism, and the impression of the medical worldview on faith and the surroundings. Ra?l’s radical sexual ethics, his gnostic anthropocentricism, and shallow ecotheology supply us a reflect during which we see how our worldview has been formed by means of the forces of globalization, postmodernism, and secular humanism.

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By the 1960s, the leading contactees tended to confine their messages to theological, ethical, or environmental matters. Their primary task was to deliver alien messages and warnings about the interface between modern science and culture. The ETs’ deepest preoccupations were with atomic war, pollution, and the fragmentation of the human family (Melton 1995, 8). These messages avoided scientifically precise statements with their potential for error, and focused rather on religious concerns. They relayed the aliens’ metaphysical reflections on humanity’s problematic use of science and technology.

The message entrusted to him could save the human race, which has been living in the “Age of Apocalypse” ever since the catastrophe at Hiroshima. In 1979, Raël revealed himself to be even more than the last prophet. In his fourth book, Accueillir les extra-terrestres (Let’s welcome the extraterrestrials), published that year, he reveals that he is the son of an extraterrestrial named Yahweh and the half brother of Jesus, Buddha, and Moses— 32 A L I E N S A D O R E D hence he is a god-in-flesh. He is the messiah of the Age of Apocalypse.

In the 1960s, dozens of UFOs were 27 Contactee Prophets in the History of Ufology reported by respectable Frenchmen: a doctor-veterinarian, a mayor, a high school teacher, a gendarme (police officer), and a farmer. But UFO sightings in France climaxed during the 1970s. In 1975, seven witnesses alerted the police after seeing two demispherical objects alight in a field near Boulogne en Haute-Marne. Between 1974 and 1975, there were numerous flying-saucer sightings, especially in La Nievre region: six sightings in February 1974, two in September 1974, three in July 1975, and nine in August 1975.

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