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By Anatoly Liberman

ISBN-10: 0816652724

ISBN-13: 9780816652723

This paintings introduces popular linguistics student Anatoly Liberman’s complete dictionary and bibliography of the etymology of English phrases. The English etymological dictionaries released some time past declare to have solved the mysteries of be aware origins even if these origins were generally disputed. An Analytic Dictionary of English Etymology in contrast, discusses the entire present derivations of English phrases and proposes the simplest one.   within the inaugural quantity, Liberman addresses fifty-five phrases ordinarily pushed aside as being of unknown etymology. a few of the entries are one of the most typically used phrases in English, together with guy, boy, lady, poultry, mind, comprehend, key, ever, and but. Others are slang: mooch, nudge, pimp, filch, gawk, and skedaddle. Many, resembling beacon, oat, hemlock, ivy, and toad, have existed for hundreds of years, while a few have seemed extra lately, for instance, slang, kitty-corner, and Jeep. they're all united via their etymological obscurity.   This precise source ebook discusses the most difficulties within the method of etymological examine and comprises indexes of topics, names, and all the root phrases. every one access is a full-fledged article, laying off mild for the 1st time at the resource of a few of the main greatly disputed note origins within the English language.   “Anatoly Liberman is without doubt one of the top students within the box of English etymology. surely his paintings may be an vital software for the continuing revision of the etymological portion of the entries within the Oxford English Dictionary.” —Bernhard Diensberg, OED advisor, French etymologies   Anatoly Liberman is professor of Germanic philology on the collage of Minnesota. He has released many works, together with sixteen books, so much lately be aware Origins . . . and the way we all know Them: Etymology for everybody.

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In texts, the meaning ‘male child’ does not antedate 1400. ModE boy looks like a semantic blend of an onomatopoeic word for an evil spirit (*boi) and a baby word for ‘brother’ (*bo). , whereas the latter gave rise to OE Boia. ’ Boy ‘servant’ and -boy in compounds like bellboy reflect medieval usage. BRAIN (1000) Brain (OE brægen) has no established cognates outside West Germanic; Gk brûgma ‘top of the head,’ which many dictionaries cite, is hardly related to it. ’ According to the reconstruction offered here, the Celtic word was borrowed by Old French, and from there it made its way into English.

Some connection between this group and words for ‘piece of wood’ with the structure k + vowel + p (as in chip < OE cipp) is possible. Most of them, whether ending in -b or -p, seem to be of onomatopoeic or sound symbolic origin. ’ The word must have been borrowed from Gaelic: -mudgeon (= muigean ‘disagreeable person’) with the intensifying prefix ker-, spelled cur-, as in curfuffle and many other Lowland Scots words. ’ Ties between -mudgeon and mooch (one of whose variants is modge), mug xxxv The Etymologies at a Glance ‘face,’ and -mugger in hugger-mugger will turn out to be the same in both cases.

25]). See Rooth’s remarks (1960-62:49) on the exchange of the names of tools between Romania and Germania. If adesa is a blend, its history brings to mind a similar convergence in the name of a shaft: OHG dîhsala (ModG Deichsel) and Ved ı@sa¤ (Meringer [1892:43], M. Bloomfield [1895:430, note 1]), let alone such hybrid forms as G reg Geiskel ‘shaft’ (Geischel + Deichsel; B. Martin [1923:256]). To be sure, Br eze, Ital azza, and E adz(e) are unrelated, but they seem to have become, by accident, part of carpenters’ and coopers’ lingua franca.

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An Analytic Dictionary of English Etymology: An Introduction by Anatoly Liberman

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