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By Richard Shusterman

ISBN-10: 0631162534

ISBN-13: 9780631162537

The so-called analytic strategy has ruled Anglo-American philosophical enquiry in aesthetics during this century. the first goal of this assortment is to evaluate the character, contribution, and carrying on with worth of this technique. What, if something, characterizes analytic aesthetics? How has it replaced and built through the years? What has been its distinctive worth? How does it range from rival modes of enquiry? fresh Marxist, post-structuralist, and post-modernistic theories have advised that we're deep in an age of post-analytic philosophy yet supposedly at the threshhold of a post-philosophical tradition. This quantity not just offers a retrospective overview of analytic aesthetics, but in addition exhibits ways that analytic aesthetics can most sensible proceed to serve our figuring out of paintings and aesthetics sooner or later. The contributers are Richard Shusterman, J.O.Urmson, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Charles Altieri, Roger Scruton, Christopher Norris, Anthony Savile, Pierre Bourdieu, Joseph Margolis, Catherine Z.Elgin, Nelson Goodman. This account of aesthetics is geared toward graduates and above.

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First, I will say little about the years of reaction that the key moments below spawned, or about the numerous interracial connections that enabled and enriched much of this history. Second, the story I’ll tell takes place against the backdrop of monumental political and economic changes, from imperial warfare through cold wars to terror wars, from mercantilist globalization through struggles over industrial democracy to post‐industrial globalization. All of this must be kept in mind, but for now also kept in the background, for reasons of space.

13 To the extent that this book offers an argument in race theory, it draws heavily on an account that I work out in more detail elsewhere. See Paul C. Taylor, Race: A Philosophical Introduction, 2nd ed. (Cambridge: Polity, 2013), especially Chapters 1–3. assembly, not birth 29 14 W. E. B. Du Bois, Dusk of Dawn: Autobiography of a Race Concept (1940; New York: Transaction, 1982), 153. 15 This is a slightly non‐standard usage of “racialism,” based on a principled objection to the standard approach championed by Appiah, Mallon, and others.

At this stage, stretching more or less from the late eighteenth century to the late nineteenth, African‐descended people used performances and aesthetic objects in European styles and settings not just to make meaning, but also to demonstrate to a skeptical world their capacity for culture and, hence, for civilization. Following in the footsteps of figures like Alexander Crummell, many people in this period uncritically accepted European ideas about African savagery, and were convinced that the benighted dark masses had to be “improved” – that is, civilized – by the better, more cul­ tured, more “Europeanized” (or modern, or Christianized) members of the group.

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