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By Chaohua Jia, Kohji Matsumoto

ISBN-10: 1402005458

ISBN-13: 9781402005459

Contains numerous survey articles on top numbers, divisor difficulties, and Diophantine equations, in addition to examine papers on a number of elements of analytic quantity idea difficulties.

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We begin with estimating F2(a). 1 of Vaughan [30]). 8 of Vaughan [30], we have the bound We next take integers s, c, q and a such that < Isu2a - cl 5 u/X2, s X2/u, ( s , c) = 1, 1 4 -~ al I 11x2, 9 I X2, (q, a) = 1. but the last integral is << I'/~I;/~ by Schwarz's inequaity. 1) swiftly implies the bound for each integer 1 with 1 5 1 5 5, by considering the underlying diophantine equation. Secondly we estimate the number, say S, of the solutions of the equation x: + yf y$ = x i y$ + yi subject to 11, 1 2 X2 and Yj XI,(1 j 5 4)) not only for the immediate use.

Assume that ( p ,n). One also has T h e n one has B d ( p ,n ) = B(p,d) Prwf. 1) The series defining B d ( p ,n) and B ( p , n ) are finite sums in practice, because of the following lemma. 1. Let B(p, k ) be the number such that power of p dividing k , and let (iii) A d ( p ,n ) = A ( p , n ) = 0 , when p h 5. 49 d ) k ) , which For h 5 k , we may observe that s k ( p h ,a d k ) = s k ( p h , gives A ~ (n ) ~= A ~ ( ,~ ,( p~h), n). 4). Next we have is the highest when p = 2 and k is even, when p > 2 or k is odd.

16), we may write where By the definition, we see that w, (p) = Bp(p,n ) / Bl (p, n ) or 1, according to p Y or p > Y, and also that w,(~') = wn(p) for all 1 1. Then we may confirm that < so that &(n) = &(n; [O, 11) = Rd(n; 1)31) This time we set s = 1, k = 2, > + Rd(n;m). 2). nd that for every integer n with N 5 n 5 (6/5)N. To facilitate our subsequent description, we denote by N(5) the set of all the odd integers in the interval [N, (6/5)N], and put N(4) = Nl n > for all primes p and integers 1 1.

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