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By Dag O. Hessen, Lars J. Tranvik (auth.), Prof. Dr. Dag O. Hessen, Dr. Lars J. Tranvik (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3642083625

ISBN-13: 9783642083624

Humic components take place in all types of aquatic platforms, yet are fairly very important in northern, coniferous parts. They strongly adjust the aquatic ecosystems and likewise represent an incredible challenge within the ingesting water supply.
This quantity covers all facets of aquatic humic components, from their starting place and chemical homes, their results on mild and nutrient regimes and biogeochemical biking, to their function relating to organisms, productiveness and meals net association from micro organism to fish. particular emphasis is paid to carbon biking and foodstuff internet association in humic lakes, yet points of marine carbon biking relating to humus are taken care of as well.

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When humic substances have been isolated using column chromatography or another chemically based method, the correct interpretation of the 13C-NMR spectrum is that most humic molecules contain most of the functional groups indicated in the spectrum. Although the relative abundance of carbon types may vary, the same bands are present in the 13C_ NMR spectra for all samples of humic substances from many environments. For example, carboxylic acids are the major acidic functional groups in fulvic and humic acids, and this is reflected in a prominent C-l peak.

Iorge partle"lotM ·15 10 t. t. ·26 t. t. IO. Relationship between C:N ratio and ODC for Loch Vale samples that the carbon isotopic signatures should be interpreted in the context of the biogeochemistry of the aquatic system. The importance of lignin as precursor material in the formation of aquatic humus can be demonstrated by the presence of recognizable lignin components in dissolved fulvic and humic acids. In a study of dissolved humic substances at 17 stations in the Amazon River system, Ertel et al.

This comparison supports the importance of lignaceous material from terrestrial vegetation in the formation of aquatic humus. For the microbial end member it is significant that the aromatic carbon content is low but not minuscule. 1). Included in this region are not only carbon atoms associated with aromatic moieties, but also those associated with double bonds that are not aromatic. Further characterization of humic substances by +H-NMR confirms the presence of both aromatic and olefinic moieties (McKnight et al.

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Aquatic Humic Substances: Ecology and Biogeochemistry by Dag O. Hessen, Lars J. Tranvik (auth.), Prof. Dr. Dag O. Hessen, Dr. Lars J. Tranvik (eds.)

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