Daniel A. Schulke's Ars Philtron: Concerning the Aqueous Cunning of the Potion PDF

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By Daniel A. Schulke

The paintings examines "Wortcunning and Sabbatic-alchemical gnosis as manifested during the medium of potion-making. Its textual content treats of the 8 significant Sabbatic-alchemic philtre varieties, their pharmacoepia and formula. Evocations to facets of the Sabbatic Guardians Lilith and Cain also are given to empower the revelation and reification of the Philtre Arcana." the writer was once a chum of the overdue Andrew Chumbley, and is shortly either the Magister of the Cultus Sabbati, in addition to the Verdelet of the culture. it really is from the Cultus Sabbati, in universal with Chumbley's "Azoetia," that this booklet attracts its thought.

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6. But this is no place for the detailed treatment of all these matters: yet if I wanted to assemble them in a separate book, I would be beset by difficulties. Since the allure of music has already distracted me too long, I had better return to my subject. e.

As a single example, consider Ptolemy’s sevens. At the end of Book III, Chapter 5, he correlates the seven faculties of the soul and the seven virtues of reason with the seven notes of the scale. To one who has had a direct intuition of the meaning of Seven, every sevenfold grouping will become transparent, and the soul’s divisions will reveal it no less than the planets and the notes of the scale. One is then no longer playing number games, but pointing to the basic truth that whenever sevens appear, the archetypal Seven is manifest in them.

One might also say that Desire has three virtues, comparable to the three intervals of the fourth: they are Temperance, when it is a question of spurning pleasure; Self-control, when one has to bear privations; and Modesty, when one must protect oneself from dishonor. Feeling, moreover, has four virtues comparable to the four intervals of the fifth, and these are Mildness, when one must not be carried away by anger; Courage, when one has to look imminent evil fearlessly in the eye; Boldness, when one must spurn dangers; and Tolerance, when one has to bear hardship.

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