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By Lambert Zuidervaart

ISBN-10: 0511231784

ISBN-13: 9780511231780

ISBN-10: 0521839033

ISBN-13: 9780521839037

Lambert Zuidervaart demanding situations present highbrow traits via offering a brand new hermeneutic conception of inventive fact, enticing with either analytic and continental philosophies and clarifying the modern cultural scene. even though it is retro to speak about inventive fact, its concerns haven't disappeared. certainly, questions about the position of the artist in society, the connection among paintings and information, and the validity of cultural interpretation have really intensified.

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A predication is statable in a ‘that’ clause, though it may not be so stated in the discourse” (p. 404). Unfortunately, like Beardsley’s earlier definition of propositions, this description is circular: what can be said to be true or false in a discourse is a predication, and a predication is what can be said to be true or false in a discourse. The description is also ontologically vague. Beardsley introduces “predication” to avoid talking about propositions “as nonlinguistic entities, abstractions of some kind” (p.

400). Not surprisingly, given the arguments of previous chapters, chapter 9 (“Literature and Knowledge”) culminates in a contest between empiricism and intuitionism in which empiricist epistemology carries the day. It does so by admitting literature’s cognitive capacities but restricting their importance, for the sake of aesthetic autonomy (what Beardsley calls “literary value”): “Of course literary works cannot be understood apart from their language; of course they have social roots and fruits; .

Accordingly, he rests the entire weight of literary interpretation, both its motivation and its outcome, on the aesthetic experience literary works make possible. ”26 Now we are in a position to extract the general theory of truth that sustains Beardsley’s denial of artistic truth and his devaluing of literary truth. Nowhere does Beardsley state his general truth theory in so many words. It is somewhat implicit, like the predications he finds important in literary works. Yet one can piece it together from the summaries already given for his denial of artistic truth and his account of literary predications.

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Artistic Truth: Aesthetics, Discourse, and Imaginative Disclosure by Lambert Zuidervaart

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