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By Simo Parpola

ISBN-10: 9515701678

ISBN-13: 9789515701671

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Taylor, JSOT 66 (1995) 32 n. elationship between Yahweh and "his Asherah" (see n. 199ffbelow), and G. Scholem, On the Kabbalah and Its Symboltsm (New York 1969), pp. 105-8, on the relationship between God and "his Shekhinah" (see nn. 98 and 146 below). 15 See the analysis of the name Assur and its variant spellings in JNES 52 (1993) 205ff. 16 Cf. -A~sur "Assur is the totality of gods" in BaM 24 (1993) 262 no. 87~. -eres. ( God [ht. ur/God/Istar requested ). f God, gab~i iliini and its abbreviation iliini "gods" (wr.

XXXV and XL VIf) and accordingly does not belong in the present volume. ABL 1369 is a divine message to the king in the first person singular; although it would qualify as an oracle report due to its horizontal format, it is called a "dispatch" (Sipirtu) in the text itself and therefore belongs to the category of divine letters edited in SAA 3. CT 53 413 is a fragmentary communication from a votary of IStar of Arbela to the king; despite its affinities with no. 7, it is also explicitly defined as a "dispatch" in the text and accordingly is not a prophetic oracle.

Fa pz "of/by the mouth" has to be understood literally (cf. above, p. "286 The fact that the term raggimulraggintu "prophet/prophetess" does not occur in the formula (in contrast to the authorship notes of nos. 3, 6, 7 and 10) indicates that it was superfluous in the context and underlines the basically oral nature of Neo-Assyrian prophecy. Considering that variants 2 and 3 are for all practical purposes identical, it is possible that the scribe of no. 9 was using (the 30-years older) no. 1 as a model when preparing the tablet.

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