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Is a lifestyles with out faith one with no values or objective? Julian Baggini emphatically says no. He units out to dispel the myths surrounding atheism and to teach the way it may be either a significant and ethical selection. He without delay confronts the failure of formally atheist states within the 20th century, and provides an highbrow case for atheism that rests as a lot on reasoned and optimistic arguments for its fact as on unfavourable arguments opposed to faith.

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Hume’s philosophy relied instead on human reason to achieve insight into reality. A second reason why it is not good evidence is that, sadly, human beings are not very good at interpreting their experiences, especially unusual ones. Take as a simple example the experience of seeing an illusionist who pretends to have real powers bending a metal spoon without apparently exerting any physical force. ” Of course they saw no such thing, not least because they could not see the illusionist’s thoughts, which means they couldn’t have seen the thoughts bend the metal.

This brand of physicalism asserts that the only kind of stuff is physical stuff: there are no nonphysical souls, spirits, or ideas. This is a version of physicalism that many, probably most, atheists can sign up to. The Roman poet and philosopher Lucretius (Titus Lucretius Carus, ca. 95–55 BCE) was the author of De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things), a landmark study—in verse—of the material nature of the universe. Lucretius is considered one of the fathers of naturalism, an important philosophical underpinning of atheism.

This is only evidence against God’s existence in a negative sense: that is to say, evidence for God’s existence will be found to be lacking and so we will be left with no reason to suppose he exists. ” Things are not quite as simple, however, as this slogan makes out. Consider the simple question of whether there is any butter in my fridge. If we don’t open the door and have a look inside, there will be an absence of evidence for the butter being there, but this would not add up to evidence of its absence.

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