Avesta, the Sacred Books of the Parsis, Vol. 3 - download pdf or read online

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By Karl Friedrich Geldner

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There are three trees. He holds a long, thin blade in his left hand, reversed. A small dog nips at his heels. The blade is through its throat. A wind blows up from the cliff. A noose hangs from one tree. A small jade harp, cracked, jangles on the ground behind him. He has no nose. He has no mouth. He is looking out of the page. He can see you. The Hunter is focused and desires an outlet for that focus beyond the endless imprisonment of Malfeas. The sorcerer binds it through an offer of purpose.

The Courtesan remains in this state for (Temperance) months. THE ECSTATIC (COMPASSION) He dances on a black-paneled and gold-seamed floor. His eyes reflect green sunlight. Far behind him, one can see courtiers, a throne and a withered king slouched upon it. In a cavernous space beneath the floor, one can barely see starving, twisted beggars, twined together like larvae. His foot has come down. The floor is cracking. His chest gapes open beneath his shirt, and he has no heart. Through its bleeding heart does the sorcerer enslave the demon Ecstatic.

His horns arch back. A severed hand twists near his feet, fingertips in a puddle of water. CHAPTER TWO • DEMONOLOGY 37 Only demons with Intelligence and Manipulation at 2 or greater, in addition to the minimum Conviction of 3, are vulnerable to this plate. The Vizier seeks to corrupt the summoner into the service of its masters. The sorcerer hints he may be vulnerable to such enticement, feigns weakness in his will, demands the Vizier advise him in secrets it knows and strings it along with a series of near-victories for its seductive arguments.

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