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By Lloyd M. Dickie, Paul R. Boudreau

ISBN-10: 1620553953

ISBN-13: 9781620553954

Explains the relevance of historical myths to the awakening to raised states of attention and enlivened event of the realm

• exhibits how larger attention can come up inside each one people through following the assistance present in historic myths
• unearths how myths effect our own improvement with out our information via their impact on our middle values and tradition
• Examines historic Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonian, and Hebrew myths, resembling the Epic of Gilgamesh and the tale of Osiris and Isis

In this learn of historical Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonian, and Hebrew myths, authors Lloyd M. Dickie and Paul R. Boudreau express that many vintage myths comprise directions for awakening larger attention, permitting entry to enlivened adventure of the area and know-how of the divine inside of and round us.

Inspired by means of the paintings of R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, the authors deeply learn production myths and famous historical myths from Mesopotamia and Egypt, corresponding to the Epic of Gilgamesh and the tale of Osiris and Isis. They show that those myths aren't behavioral morality stories yet genuine delineations of ways the next order can come up inside of every one folks. The authors clarify how those tales train us to differentiate the heaven inside of from the earth inside us, to discover the basic a part of our being that offers a hyperlink with our larger powers.

Spending greater than a yr onsite in Egypt to for my part hook up with the myths, the authors clarify how historic storytellers deliberately selected myths as a car for teachings simply because tale has a seed-like ability to implant itself within the subconscious and impression improvement with no the person being conscious of it. via crafting those sacred narratives, the traditional Sumerians and Egyptians offer instruments to rouse to the presence of upper recognition in addition to a street map for the person to return into unsleeping alignment with the perpetual unfolding of the universe.

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110. Huson, Paul, Mastering Witchcraft. Intriguingly, some have posited that one translation of Caer Sidi, the fortress that turns without motion between three elements, is 'fortress of the zodiac' {sidydd meaning 'zodiac' in modern Welsh), although others argue that the word was unlikely to have been in use when the poem was written. A crown of twelve stars was worn by Mary when in her aspect of the Queen of Heaven, which evokes the mythic Arianrhod (meaning 'silver wheel') and identifies her with the seasonal whirling of the celestial vaults.

However, in light of the huge sums they could fetch on 81. See for example Leviticus 21:5 and Ezekiel 4 4 : 2 0 . 82. Chumbley, Opuscula Magica Vol 2, p. 69. the open market they were often sold to sailors, but sadly there were sometimes disastrous consequences for the child who sold or lost his caul, as was the case for a toddler who drowned in a shallow pond after his mother threw his away. Others still believed that a caul-bearer who was parted from his caul would become a restless wanderer83, and should they be buried without it their spirit would never rest and would return to search for it.

Eliade, Mircea. Birth and Rebirth: The Religious Meanings of Initiation in Human Culture. 35. There are numerous theories as to the meaning of 'Hooden' or 'Hoden'; some posit it to be a dialect confusion with 'wooden', others still believe it a corruption of Odin or Woden, with others still suggesting it to derive from the hood worn over the head (the word hood deriving from the Old Frisian word hode). 36. This evokes a wider body of lore relating to the Horse as the fleshly steed of matter ridden by spirit, the Master of the Horse being none other than Cain (see Andrew Chumbley, "Gnosis for the Flesh Eternal", Opuscula Magica Vol 2.

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