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By Bob Calhoun

ISBN-10: 1550228277

ISBN-13: 9781550228274

I feel the name of the ebook says all of it. this can be a nice learn, and a good journey, via a global that differently you would by no means get to determine. rather well performed.

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That match was everything that Incredibly Strange Wrestling aspired to. It was everything that it should be. The card quickly degenerated. As with the first show, Johnny Legend and his band provided a portion of the evening’s musical entertainment with their usual covers of the theme songs to American International ’50s exploitation flicks such as High School Caesar and I Was a Teenage Werewolf. Legend wore a sequined jacket that was given to him by Freddie Blassie — at least three sizes too big for the emaciated rockabilly frontman.

One of us must have been wearing some Gracie Jiu-Jitsu paraphernalia because we struck up a conversation about the finer points of Brazilian grappling arts. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was all the rage in martial arts in the mid-1990s and was by far the most homoerotic fighting style ever developed. So much of it relied on this defensive position called “the guard,” which entailed lying on your back, wrapping your legs around your opponent’s midsection, thus stunting his attack. While this method was effective and you could incapacitate your opponent with an armbar or chokehold from this seemingly compromised position, to the random onlooker it really just looked like a bunch of guys in white pajamas lying around dry humping each other.

Carlei lost a bitter trademark lawsuit to the business-minded Rorion (the Gracie brother who was the mastermind behind the early Ultimate Fighting Championships). After being sued out of business by his own nephew, Carlei earned a further bit of local notoriety when he beat the shit out of a San Francisco parking official. Poor Carlei had gotten one parking ticket too many and took it out on the poor sap driving that little ticket cart. Everyone who has owned a car within San Francisco city limits has had rich fantasies about assaulting those wannabe cops with their little chalk tire markers.

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