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By Lewis Jones

ISBN-10: 0582531861

ISBN-13: 9780582531864

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Distinct work INTRODUCTION In the fourth century, therefore, there were current " advance " early or copies of individual works, (b) formally published copies of the same, possibly (a) " " containing small improvements, (c) three collected editions of the works. What is the relation between these possible sources and the extant MSS. We may say at once that there is no means of determin- ing whether our MSS. are to any extent dependent upon either the "advance" copies or the published editions of single works and it is tolerably certain ; that the collected edition prepared for Theodosius is no longer extant and probably was never available to the public.

But the artificiality is agreeably relieved by touches of parody (as in 11. 131-2), or of humour 201, (11. ). Only the more salient landmarks in the literary history of Ausonius are here noticed, and this imperfect sketch must close with some reference to the noteworthy correspondence between the poet Pontius Meropius his former pupil Paulinus. , belonged to a noble and Paulinus, and He was educated distinguished family in Aquitaine. at Bordeaux under Ausonius, by whose influence he was subsequently elected consul suffectus in 378.

Why should I deny that I can do what he thinks that I can do ? He by his own influence stirs up my feeble power, and he who bids me aids me as well it is enough for me to obey. It is not verse ; ; ; AUSONIUS non tutum renuisse deo. laudata pudoris 15 saepe mora est, quotiens contra parem dubites. Quin etiam non iussa parant erumpere dudum carmina. ne quis nolit Caesaris esse liber, indignum vatem centumque mutandas semper deteriore nota ? ferat modo tu te iussisse, pater inque meis culpis da 10 lituras, Romane, memento tibi tu veniam.

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