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By Moshe Sluhovsky

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From 1400 via 1700, the variety of stories of demonic possessions between ecu girls was once terribly excessive. through the comparable interval, a brand new kind of mysticism—popular with women—emerged that significantly affected the chance of ownership and, accordingly, the perform of exorcism. Many feared that during moments of rapture, girls, who had surrendered their souls to divine love, weren't experiencing the paintings of angels, yet quite the ravages of demons in conceal. So how then, asks Moshe Sluhovsky, have been practitioners of exorcism to differentiate demonic from divine possessions?

Drawing on unexplored bills of mystical faculties and religious strategies, tales of the possessed, and exorcism manuals, Believe no longer each Spirit examines how early smooth Europeans handled this quandary. the private stories of practitioners, Sluhovsky exhibits, trumped theological wisdom. nervous that this may result in a rejection of Catholic rituals, the church reshaped the which means and practices of exorcism, reworking this therapeutic ceremony right into a technique of non secular interrogation. In its efforts to tell apart among solid and evil, the church built vital new explanatory frameworks for the kinfolk among physique and soul, interiority and exteriority, and the normal and supernatural.

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1 From his definition, it is easy to see why unorthodox devotion could easily be associated with demonic magic, as magical practices could be understood as either superfluous and misguided, or as the worship of the wrong object. Starting in the early fifteenth century, when the fear of Satanism increased, a few theologians concerned themselves more systematically with superstition, but even their preoccupation with the issue did not lead to an attempt to eradicate superstitious practices. A confusion persisted as to who had the right to perform curing rituals, what practices were legitimate, and whether a performance of a rite by an unauthorized person, but with good faith, constituted superstition.

9 For a significant number of laypeople, then, and for some theologians, possessing spirits could be disembodied souls and not necessarily demons. For others, they could even be benevolent spirits. The inspiritata Lucia from Friuli was brought before the Venetian Inquisition in 1582, accused of being a diviner and a soothsayer. Lucia had a good spirit by the name of Buranello, who resided in her stomach and was called up from there to her tongue whenever she needed its help. Laypeople and priests frequented her house to consult this benevolent spirit and rewarded her for her service.

Just as it is important to remember that the Trivializing Possession r 27 majority of early modern cases of possession and exorcism did not serve propagandistic purposes; it is important to remember that only very few cases developed into accusations of witchcraft. This fascination with the more dramatic manifestations of possession follows a long hagiographical tradition, in which sainthood of both living and deceased saints was established by their ability to perform miracles, including dramatic exorcisms.

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