Download e-book for iPad: Bible Stories told by Norman Vincent Peale by Norman Vincent Peale

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By Norman Vincent Peale

ISBN-10: 0531026345

ISBN-13: 9780531026342

ISBN-10: 0891290494

ISBN-13: 9780891290490

ISBN-10: 1562946897

ISBN-13: 9781562946890

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Rebekah has had no children, so Isaac petitions the Lord and is rewarded with twin boys. This is the first mention of twins in the Bible, and it marks the beginning of a new set of stormy relationships between these vivid characters who people the pages of Genesis. The Bible says that even before birth the twins "struggled together" inside their mother's body. The firstborn was named Esau. " It is in such vivid small details that these old stories ring so true. From the very first breath, these twins were about as different as brothers could be.

Perhaps among the onlookers there were a few who felt a twinge of uneasiness as the dogged old patriarch, already six hundred years old, supervised the loading of the ark with tons of provisions. What if this crazy old eccentric turned out to be right? But none, apparently, felt uneasy enough to ask to be included in the fantastic voyage. When long columns of animals began to wind down out of the hills and across the plains, then undoubtedly some of the bystanders did become alarmed, because this, surely, was no ordinary happening.

In any case, the stern moral message of this great Book of Genesis is once more reaffirmed, the message that man must beware how he uses the gift of free will that has been given to him. Those who love God and revere Him, like Noah and Abraham, will be saved. Those who reject and disobey Him, like the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, will suffer the consequences. th€ acid test Time passed, and God's promise to Abraham came true: despite her great age, Sarah did have a son. As the Lord commanded, she called him Isaac, which means "he laughs"—a name chosen, perhaps, to remind her of her own lack of faith in the power of the Lord.

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