Download PDF by Jana Dixon: Biology of Kundalini: Exploring the Fire of Life

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By Jana Dixon

ISBN-10: 143571167X

ISBN-13: 9781435711679

Finished guidebook for these present process kundalini awakening, together with mental abilities, workouts, dietary application and a unique method of the technological know-how of non secular alchemy. a big innovation in knowing the transformational strategy and the spiritualization of the physique.

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Increased gratitude and appreciation. Increased detachment, objectivity and transcendence. Increased empathy, diplomacy and sensitivity, yet less sentimentality. Impervious to enculturation, manipulation, coercion. Establishment of true moral intuition rather than mere abeyance to law. Ability to love, improved relationships. Oneness with the world. Detachment, objective witnessing, separation from thought and emotion. Loss of hunger sense due to pervasive endorphins and perhaps due to more gluconeogenesis.

Fragrant smell of roses or peaches eminating from the skin. JNANA YOGA Deep questions and answers arise. Spontaneous mystic poetry that writes itself. Important insights, eurekas. Scientific and creative solutions especially through dreams. The Herald of the Muse appearing as a sound or voice in the upper right-brain field prior to the emergence of information. Increased creativity and expression. Intensified understanding. ” Compulsive need to write. Psychic ability to open a book at the right page and go directly to the right sentence for information.

The Borg is anti-individualism—a menial, default, automatic programming of consensus conformity, essentially created through splitting and compartmentalizing the mind creating a schism between body, mind and soul. This Thanatos means loss of differentiation and integrity of the individuals allowing them to form a Borg (tumorous mass of anti-life preditorism). the awakening of kundalini is a synergy and synthesis of body, mind and soul, which our dense culture tries strenuously to avoid. Waking up to the sleep and the pain of deadness is hard work, and then maintaining the momentum and trajectory so that one doesn’t fall back into the plenum of consensus trance is even harder.

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