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By Theodore V. Olsen

ISBN-10: 0786264640

ISBN-13: 9780786264643

ISBN-10: 0843945001

ISBN-13: 9780843945003

ISBN-10: 0859978672

ISBN-13: 9780859978675

ISBN-10: 1405681446

ISBN-13: 9781405681445

A Spur Award-winning writer Rhiannon's black Irish mood hardly slipped. whilst it did, Dragoman - his oldest adversary, continuously burning in his head like a dwell coal - used to be almost definitely the reason. Now Comanches had abducted Dragoman's daughter, and he could visit any lengths to get her again . . . together with snatching whatever Rhiannon held valuable until eventually Rhiannon, raised via Indians and clever to their methods, rescued Melissa Dragoman.

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Say a week. " "Don't toy with me, sir. Your answer now. " Warrington's jaw rocked faintly and clamped hard. " "not Mr. Dragoman's. You have no reason to hear ill will toward me. " "Two of 'em. " Rhiannon crashed his fist on the bar; the bottle and glasses jumped. "No it is! Not for all the gold in your bloody coffers! " His voice fell to a hoarse whisper. "A score of times I could've deadfalled the old son of a bitch. Laid for him and put him down dead. Just thatthat alone, mind youwouldn't add a drop of nectar to the cup I've borne for him.

His yellow eyes were as alert as a cat's. " He turned his head, raising his voice for the first time. "Margarita! " Rhiannon turned his eyes toward a dark corridor leading off the sala. A clot of phlegmy dread lifted in his throat even before the Mexican woman appeared in the entrance with the two children in tow. " and tried to break away. But the tall, lean woman had a grip on the wrist of each and she kept it tight against their struggles. They hadn't been harmed. That's what he thought of first and it was all that held Rhiannon still in his tracks.

Rhiannon had sometimes wondered why Rubriz kept his place under a man like Dragoman. And why would Rubriz, of all men, head up this party? Rhiannon stirred his arms gently, rubbing them. He was a little rested. The night was still clear at his front; his attackers were moving off away from his flanks. And he should move, too, move carefully while the way was open, get way back into the deeper chapparal and find a place to lay low at a safe distance from his house. If they couldn't find him, they'd put a watch on the house.

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