Download e-book for kindle: Boxing Mastery: Advanced Technique, Tactics, and Strategies by Mark Hatmaker

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By Mark Hatmaker

ISBN-10: 1884654215

ISBN-13: 9781884654213

This consultant to the finer issues of boxing offers the knowledge had to make the transition from enthusiastic newbie to expert pugilist. The ABCs of ring generalship, offensive and protecting ring activities, feints, and attracts and fakes are tested and defined besides clinching thoughts, head-hunting, physique paintings, and counter-punching chains. suggestions for boxing opposed to tall and brief rivals in addition to for a number of battling kinds equivalent to charger, speed-demon, stick-and-move, and slugger and brawler are mentioned intimately. particular drills concentrate on refined ring stratagems akin to throwing advanced mixtures, removing the hoop, scuffling with off the ropes, producing energy, and cornering an opponent are integrated.

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1 Rear hook, profile. 42 2 3 7 Punches Anyone with even a nodding familiarity with boxing can probably name the basic punches. Before we move on to combination work and advanced tactics, let’s be sure that you are getting the most out of the fundamental blows. Essentially, there are only six punches: jab, cross, lead and rear hooks, and the lead and rear uppercuts. But you can subdivide these punches according to target level and double your arsenal number to twelve. By adding a few variations to the basic arsenal, you can raise your punch number even higher.

Observe the first step of the training continuum and shadowbox often. You will miss far more than you will hit. Shadowboxing will teach you to return to good guard whether you have hit or missed. ● Last, but certainly not least, always keep your guard up and snap those punches. 45 Punches 1 2 1 High jab. 46 3 2 3 Chapter 7 High jab Throw this punch straight from your guard position and return it along the same path. Your palm will be facing downward at impact. These are the same targets for crosses.

Retreat/feint/circle inside back to center. ● Retreat/feint/circle inside and then wheel outside . To wheel is to speedily change directions. ● Retreat/feint/circle outside/wheel inside. You will learn to switch directions at someone else’s dictates rather than your own. I suggest working each step of it for several rounds until it is second nature. You will stand approximately eight to ten feet away from the target. When you hear the clap, circle in the opposite direction. Phase II — Each time the trainer claps twice, step forward and throw a jab at the target and then shuffle out to change directions.

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