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By Brad Price, Sybex

ISBN-10: 0782143210

ISBN-13: 9780782143218

Offers entire and straightforward to persist with summaries and reviews of the fabrication strategies for ceramic and ceramic composite specimens, and elements.

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1 (im for both laboratory and commercial powders indicate commercial calcination temperatures of- 550°C [13,14,20,34,35]. Various additives and impurities can also effect calcination—by reducing or increasing by a few percent the aragonite-calcite transition temperature if starting from aragonite, and in this case decreasing the decomposition temperature by similar levels, or increasing it by ~ 7% (for ~ 1 atom % Sr) [33]. Both MgO and especially CaO powders present serious hydration problems that must be addressed in their use.

Report AMMRC TR 84-24, for AMMRC Contract DAA646-83-C-0002, 1984. Copyright © 2003 Marcel Dekker, Inc. 26 Chapter 1 17. C. Bentz. Ceramic Manufacturing Methods and Technology Development for Adiabatic Engine Components. Cummins Engine Co. Final Report MTL TR 89-75, for AMMRC Contract DAA646-83-C-0002, 1989. P. K. Bowen. New and old ceramic processes: manufacturing costs. MIT Ceramics Processing Res. Lab. Report No. 63, 6, 1986. P. P. K. Bowen. Cost modeling of structural ceramics. Adv. Cer. Mats.

However, the fact that reaction can also be brought about by microwave heating [80] suggests that the combustion reaction may be highly localized, which along with in-line mixing, may allow better control for safety purposes. 4 DIRECT PRODUCTION OF OXIDE POWDERS There are several processes that yield oxide powders directly, without calcination and its costs and limitations. The first of these is hydrothermal preparation, which can yield a number of important single-, doped-, or mixed-oxide powders, many of which are important for electronic ceramics.

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