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By Ben Goertzel

ISBN-10: 1441932380

ISBN-13: 9781441932389

ISBN-10: 1475721978

ISBN-13: 9781475721973

This booklet summarizes a community of interrelated principles which i've got constructed, on and off, over the last 8 or ten years. The underlying subject is the mental interaction of order and chaos. Or, to place it differently, the interaction of deduction and induction. i'm going to try and clarify the connection among logical, orderly, wide awake, rule-following cause and fluid, self­ organizing, habit-governed, subconscious, chaos-infused instinct. My earlier books, The constitution of Intelligence and The Evolving brain, in short touched in this dating. yet those books have been basically desirous about different issues: SI with developing a proper language for discussing mentality and its mechanization, and EM with exploring the position of evolution in suggestion. They danced round the edges of the order/chaos challenge, with no ever totally stepping into it. My aim in penning this publication used to be to head on to the middle of psychological procedure, "where angels worry to tread" -- to take on all of the sticky concerns which it really is thought of prudent to prevent: the character of realization, the relation among brain and fact, the justification of trust platforms, the relationship among creativity and psychological illness,.... All of those concerns are handled right here in a simple and unified method, utilizing a mixture of techniques from my past paintings with principles from chaos concept and intricate platforms science.

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Basically, in order to compute the structural complexity of an entity, one begins by lining up all the patterns in the entity: pattern one, pattern two, pattern three, and so on. Then one starts with the complexity of one of the patterns in the entity, adds on the complexity of whatever part of the second pattern was not already part of the first pattern, then adds on the complexity of whatever part of the third pattern was not already part of the first or second patterns, and so on. These concepts, as described here, are extremely general.

D(s)], where D(t) denotes the state of S at time t. And, finally, let us define the emergence Em(x,y) of two sequences x and y as the set St(xy) - St(x) - St(y), where xy refers to the sequence obtained by juxtaposing x and y. This measures what might be called the gestalt of x and y -- it consists of those patterns that appear when x and y are considered together, but not in either x or y separately. This is an old idea in psychology and it is now popping up in anthropology as well. 486-87) has found it useful to describe cultures in terms of "experiential gestalts" -- sets of experiences that occurs so regularly that the whole collection becomes somehow simpler than the sum of its parts.

Entities which are connected via multilevel control must, on the whole, also be connected via structural associativity, and vice versa. A moment's reflection shows that it is not possible to superpose an arbitrary associative memory structure with a multilevel control hierarchy in this way. In fact, such superposition is only possible if the entities stored in THE DUAL NETWORK 33 the assocIatIve memory are distributed in an approximately "fractal" way (Bamsley, 1988; Edgar, 1990). In a fractally distributed structurally associative memory, on the "smallest" scale, each process is contained in a densely connected subgraph of "neighbors," each of which is very closely related to it.

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