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By Lawrence Block

Here’s CHIP HARRISON—the moment sequence personality created by means of Lawrence Block, bestselling writer of A stroll one of the TOMBSTONES.. Chip’s moment experience in CHIP HARRISON ratings back starts while our lad reveals a discarded pockets maintaining a bus price ticket to Bordentown, South Carolina. rather than cashing it in, he makes use of it—and lands up as an assistant supervisor within the hamlet’s best bordello. (Well, it’s additionally the single bordello.) And that’s only the start. whereas the virginity that plagued him in NO ranking isn't any longer a subject matter, our Lecher within the Wry keeps the impossible to resist innocence that makes him such pleasant corporation.

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Almost had it,” I said, and went diving for it again. I had my feet off the ground and was balanced rather precariously, with the edge of the can pushing my belt buckle through my stomach. I had visions of losing my balance and winding up headfirst in the trashcan, which might provide some people with some laughs but which wouldn’t provide me with the wallet, the comb, or much in the way of self-respect. And self-respect, at that point of time, was as hard to come by as excitement, opportunity, and money.

Very moist panties. ” she whispered. “No more talking, Chip. Oh, Lord have mercy, I’m so hot I could burn! But don’t talk, don’t say anything. Just get me off. God, please get me off—” The thing is, she kept getting off and climbing right back on again. There was only so much we could do. I played with her and that was about the extent of it. She was unbelievably responsive. Each orgasm just seemed to make her that much more anxious for the next one. This went on for maybe half an hour, and I could see where it was destined to go on all the way to Bordentown unless I happened to run out of fingers somewhere along the way.

See, I thought maybe it was just the bus that was getting to me. I always get so randy on buses. I swear I get like a mare in heat just from riding on a bus. I don’t rightly know what it is that does it. ” She nodded thoughtfully. “I can feel it right now,” she said. ” From her tone of voice we could have been discussing the weather. Think it’ll rain? Oh, most likely not. Course we’re due for a little rain. Yes, and I always get so randy on buses. Christ almighty. She said, “Feel my heart, Chip,” and she took my hand and placed it on her left breast.

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