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By Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein, Imran Ali

ISBN-10: 0824740149

ISBN-13: 9780824740146

This publication bargains with the artwork of chiral solution by way of liquid chromatography, concentrating on high-performance liquid chromatography, sub- and supercritical fluid chromatography, capillary electrochromatography, and thin-layer chromatography. those tools are tested as they're utilized in research and improvement of prescribed drugs, xenobiotics, and different chiral molecules. Aboul-Einen is critical scientist on the King Faisal professional clinic and study heart, Saudi Arabia. Ali is scientist on the nationwide Institute of Hydrology, India. Annotation c2003 ebook information, Inc., Portland, OR

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Greater durability, and wider choice of mobile phase. X-ray studies indicate that Chiracel OA is almost amorphous rather than crystal [25], indicating that microcrystallinity is not essential for chiral resolution. It has also been observed that the chiral recognition of a CSP greatly depends on the conditions of preparation of that CSP, such as the type of coating solvent and the molecular weight of the cellulose [25,66]. Nevertheless, cellulose triacetate derivatives have certain limitations.

The use of new substituted derivatives of polysaccharides as the chiral stationary phase in HPLC for chiral resolution was investigated. Okamoto et al. [56] prepared CSPs of amylose phenylcarbamate bonded to silica gel by the following enzymatic methods. Amylose that had been prepared by enzymatic polymerization of a-D-ðþÞ-glucose-1-phosphate dipotassium catalyzed by a phosphorylase, using two kinds of the primer derived from maltopentose, was chemically bonded to silica gel. In method I, maltopentose was first lactonized and allowed to react with (3-aminopropyl)triethoxysilane to form an amide bond.

46 cm (10 mm). 4 SELECTIVITIES Although about 20 polysaccharide-based CSPs have been commercialized and much work on enantioresolution has been carried out on these phases, it remains very difficult to predict the best CSP for the chiral resolution of a particular compound. It has been observed that most of the resolved racemic compounds contain aromatic rings or groups such as carbonyl, sulfinyl, nitro, amino, and benzoyl. However, some reports have been published on the chiral resolution of nonaromatic racemates on polysaccharide CSPs [61].

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