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By Dakpo Tashi Namgyal

A Buddhist Classic
A sensible handbook for either instructor and pupil alike, Clarifying the typical nation covers the trail from mindfulness to accomplish enlightenment, easily and methodically. featuring the profound and supreme directions of Mahamudra, it embodies the belief of India and Tibet’s maximum masters.

The phrases of Dakpo Tashi Namgyal are certain. decorated with lots of pithy recommendation out of his own adventure, practitioners are vastly benefited through his directions on the right way to eliminate obstacles and development extra. His equipment for working towards Mahamudra are preeminent. This ebook is fundamental because it focuses solely on practice.
-Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche
Elevate your adventure and stay huge open just like the sky. extend your mindfulness and stay pervasive just like the earth. regular your realization and stay unshakable like a mountain. Brighten your information and stay shining like a flame. transparent your suggestion unfastened wakefulness and stay lucid like a crystal.
- Dakpo Tashi Namgyal
16th Century

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Sample text

_A al 3! Li JiJ )'! 1.! il. )1 ~{Jl? lJ1 ~ 4 _j{ ~ _g, _oy• • li i • n. B ;;a/ _q. ~ J1 ~• _a, __1-i, L! 9! -2:1• ~• Jl? 23 !.! -1,. 51{• ~~ !.! \ . }l) ~{~{ !.! f. _,: L! t ~ 14 14 14 Jj{ !!!! )1 «B ~ ~ . ;¥> )1 }] . Lj ~ ~ . a !!!! ~2:1 ~ ~ . !.! _A )t L! ~ !!!! 1.! t 2:! 1.! ill Vi li li• Ji:>l.! at? l! t _A )! ci ~ ~{ )! t ~ J1 8-1 ~{ ~ )! w. l! 9! BJ )'! 9! t L! Li ffi ll ~{ Lj ~ }] ~ li !!!! sV BJ J:l li )'! ~ Bi ~{ Gtii~ li~ )I 2:! t ~ 2:! li ---23 2:!? li 2V ~ ~{ li --sl ~Jl ~ ~ clarifying the natural state Once you have embraced a thought with this presence of mind, you need not keep any other aim, so you get a sense of feeling very free.

In which location does it remain and what supports it? What kind of definable identity and appearance does it have? Gradually examine and investigate these points. In other words, does it have a shape that is round, square or the like? Does ,it have a shape like the earth, rocks, mountains, scrubs, trees or the like? Does it have a shape that looks like a human being, an animal or what? Does it have a color such as white or black, etc.? Examine each instance until you reach a definite conclusion.

1~---9! _9-ii !.! 1 . aJ !.! __2l . ~ 1l. ~-­ . ~- ~{ ~ . a, ~{. E{ !.! ; ~ !.! E:> )i . "El !.! ~: __21 ll ~ . :> J1 ~. 1l w. J:n )lll{ ll __21 !.!. riA ~ EJ 1l ~~ . 3_, ~ !.! 9l? , \0 clarifying the natural state understand that it is an aware emptiness that defies any description of being such-and-such - it is inexpressible and yet it can be experienced. When that is the case, the lama should try to present confusing statements. it will be inconsistent and will not withstand scrutiny. If it is personal experience, it will converge on one point even when he is unable to articulate with traditional words.

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