Commentary on Surah 12 of the Koran by Abd Allah Ibn Ulmar al- Baidawi PDF

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By Abd Allah Ibn Ulmar al- Baidawi

ISBN-10: 0198154550

ISBN-13: 9780198154556

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In stanza 5 he considers how the Sun and the East cannot rival the glory of the Resurrection. Finally, he proclaims the mystery of the Resurrection. DEATH, SIN AND CHRISTIAN HOPE So far we have been listening, as it were, to the poets, who despite their fears and anxieties continue to express their Christian hope. The significance of their work for theological reflection is well brought out by David Jasper: 'The poet speaks in metaphor and analogy; theology itself cannot abandon the language of similitude and speak of the mystery of God in the language of science and analysis, for God is no analysable system.

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Commentary on Surah 12 of the Koran by Abd Allah Ibn Ulmar al- Baidawi

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