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By T Rogert

ISBN-10: 9163073420

ISBN-13: 9789163073427

Compressed air

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A dynamic compressor works with a constant pressure, unlike for example a displacement compressor, which works with a constant flow. The performance of a dynamic compressor is affected by external conditions, for example, a small change in the inlet pressure results in a large change in the capacity. 2000 12:23 Pagina 13 power requirement, which is why cooling between stages is needed. Centrifugal compressors with up to six stages and pressure up to 25 bar are not uncommon. The impeller can have either an open or closed design.

The rotors are synchronised by means of a gear wheel. Blowers are usually air cooled and oil-free. The low efficiency limits the blowers to low pressure applications and compression in a single stage, even if two and three stage versions are available. Blowers are frequently used as vacuum pumps and for pneumatic conveyance. 1 Dynamic compressors in general B A 44 Operating principle of a blower Dynamic compressors are available in axial and radial designs. The latter are frequently called turbo or radial turbo and the former are called centrifugal compressors.

There are adsorption dryers for oilfree screw compressors that use the heat from the compressor to regenerate the desiccant. These types of dryers are generally fitted with a rotating drum with desiccant of which one sector (a quarter) is regenerated by means of a partial flow of hot compressed air (130–200˚C) from the compressor stage. Regenerated air is then cooled, the condensation drained and the air returned via the ejector to the main air flow. 2000 12:23 Pagina 21 2:29 In the diagram the left tower dries the compressed air while the right tower regenerates.

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