Download e-book for iPad: Cooperative Breeding in Birds: Long Term Studies of Ecology by Peter B. Stacey (editor), Walter D. Koenig (editor)

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By Peter B. Stacey (editor), Walter D. Koenig (editor)

ISBN-10: 0511752458

ISBN-13: 9780511752452

ISBN-10: 0521372984

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ISBN-10: 0521378907

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Stacey and Koenig speak about the phenomenon of cooperative breeding between birds, an strange type of social habit universal to simply a number of hundred species around the world, within which contributors except the male-female pairs support to elevate the younger of a unmarried nest or den. simply because sure contributors reduction in elevating offspring which aren't their very own, cooperative breeding provides upward push to a few of the clearest examples of altruism between animals. This particular breeding habit is of curiosity to evolutionary biologists and behavioral ecologists due to the fact such species show the most strange and weird social habit saw anyplace within the animal nation. The reviews are all long-term and hence the booklet summarizes one of the most large reviews of the habit of marked contributors ever undertaken. Graduate scholars and examine employees in ornithology, sociobiology, behavioral ecology and evolutionary biology will locate a lot of worth during this e-book.

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1981). Ecological factors and kin selection in the evolution of cooperative breeding in birds. In Natural Selection and Social Behaviour: Splendid Fairy-wrens 29 Recent Research and New Theory, ed. R. D. Alexander and D. Tinkle, pp. 261-80. Chiron Press: New York. Lack, D. (1954). The Natural Regulation of Animal Numbers. Oxford University Press: London. Payne, R. , Payne, L. L. and Rowley, I. C. R. (1985). Splendid wren Malurus splendens response to cuckoos: an experimental test of social organization in a communal bird.

Postscript added in proof Since this chapter was written, further testing of paternity likelihood in Malurus splendens by allozyme electrophoresis has changed our thinking about mating systems, relatedness and inbreeding. A total of 91 offspring of 24 mothers and 37 putative fathers was typed at 10 polymorphic loci. All young were compatible with their mothers but at least 65% were not fathered by any of the males in their group. The promiscuous mating system demonstrated in this work would reduce the level of inbreeding in the group but still allow individuals the security of group-living in a stable year-round territory.

Only 35% offledglingssurvive to one year old, but survival after that is higher and relatively constant. About 20% of the birds that survive to one year go on to survive to four years old. The longest surviving male has lived for 11 years so far. 35 for females. 9) females, based on a mean over 13 years of: non-breeders available at the start of the breeding season/number of vacancies filled during the subsequent year). Speculations Over the past 20 years, many people have expressed surprise at the phenomenon of cooperative breeding, largely because it is rare in the temperate northern hemisphere, where so much of ornithological theory has been generated and where simple pair breeding is so much commoner.

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Cooperative Breeding in Birds: Long Term Studies of Ecology and Behaviour by Peter B. Stacey (editor), Walter D. Koenig (editor)

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