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Natl. Acad. Sci. A. 77, 7237 (1980). 44j. F. Wootton and D. R. Trentham, N A T O Adv. Study Inst. Ser. C 272, 277 (1989). 45 G. P. Hess, J. B. Udgaonkar, and W. L. Olbricht, Annu. Rev. Biophys. Biophys. Chem. 16, 507 (1987). 0 LL_____ -250 lliSO 3550 5450 TIME (msec) 7350 FIG. 3. 42'45 The device is made with stainless-steel tubing and is U shaped. Solutions can flow in from one arm of the U and out from a central opening ( - 1 5 0 / z m diameter) at the base of the U, as indicated by the arrows.

Rapid absorbance changes produced by photolysis of caged compounds at room temperature by a single pulse of 308-rim light from an XeCI excimer laser (approximately 30-50 mJ). 1, is photolyzed. The absorbance change is monitored at 405 nm with a single-beam transient spectrophotometer, the signal transfer parameters of which effectively produced 500 kHz filtering of the rapid absorbance jump. 4 is photolyzed. 21 The absorbance change is monitored at 430 nm. 8 and 22 °. 5 mM CNB-caged kainate 23 is irradiated, with mixing of the solution between laser pulses of 308 nm with energy output of 50 mJ, and the absorbance, A, is monitored at 430 nm as a function of the number of laser shots, n.

Schwartz,K. Jacobsen, and J. Lee, Biotechniques 23, 268 (1997). 40 CAGEDCOMPOUNDS [21 chloroform rinse (2x 1 ml). 0514 mmol, Sigma (St. 5 ml chloroform. After the mixture is stirred overnight, the color of the reaction solution is pale yellow and TLC analysis shows no remaining A23187. The reaction solution is diluted with chloroform (5 ml), and glacial acetic acid (5 drops) is added to quench any remaining diazoalkane. Concentration in vacuo gives a pale yellow oil, which is purified by flash chromatography on silica gel using 5% methanol/ chloroform as an eluant.

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