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  • February 13, 2018
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By Robin Attfield

ISBN-10: 0754604748

ISBN-13: 9780754604747

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Then I'm glad I spoke, too. " Ingrid turned once more, and the advance proceeded. She fell into dubiousness. Why should he want to chat with her mother, when the bare statement to herself would have sufficed? Also the qualification 'financial' was quite remarkable. It could mean only that he had other business to discuss, not concerning money. What could it possibly be? He had not been near them for twenty vears, so why should he suddenly take it into his head to invade their Dartmoor privacy?

She was calm again at once, and in an easing of the rain their eyes met. " he called. "Comparatively, I hope. " "The stack must be struck. " She returned no reply, and, taking new alarm, he hurriedly picked himself up to attend her. " he asked again, standing over the girl. " "I sincerely trust not. " He dropped on to a knee beside her, and gently put away the hand with which she was gingerly exploring her injury. "Is this the spot? " He went on passing tender, skilful fingers around and across the area of trouble, until at last he could assure himself that the scare was groundless in so far as there was no dislocation.

Some cattle, further down, had left off feeding, and were glancing around them apprehensively. The long panoramic line of tors behind had become black and bleak, like a silhouette against the livid sky. " queried Ingrid presently, the spirit of speech moving her, as they strode along together. " Instead of responding to her immediately, he took a moment to remark, as he had so often already remarked during his stay, the odd note of inaccessibility safeguarding her approaches to him. For it appeared to be for him alone.

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