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By Nicole Galland

ISBN-10: 006084180X

ISBN-13: 9780060841805

ISBN-10: 0061575666

ISBN-13: 9780061575662

within the 12 months 1202, tens of hundreds of thousands of crusaders assemble in Venice, getting ready to embark for Jerusalem to loose the Holy urban from Muslim rule. between them is a lowly vagabond Briton, rescued from damnation via a pious knight who burns with zealous fireplace for his or her sacred project. they usually set sail, in addition to devoted companions—and with a stunning, mysterious Arab ''princess'' whom the vagabond liberates from a brutish service provider. however the divine mild guiding their ''righteous'' crusade quickly darkens because the project sinks ever deeper into disaster, shame, and ethical turpitude—as Christians homicide Christians within the Adriatic port urban of Zara, tragic occasions are set in movement that would eventually bring about the stunning and shameful fall of Constantinople.

Impeccably researched and wonderfully instructed, Nicole Galland's Crossed is a beautiful story of the disastrous Fourth Crusade—and of the hopeful, courageous, and pushed who have been stuck up in and irrevocably replaced by way of a corrupted reason and a livid conflict past their comprehension or regulate.

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