Download e-book for iPad: CSL Antivenom Handbook by Julian White

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By Julian White

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They are also known as "deaf" adders, with good reason. Like all snakes, they lack external ears and so rely on vibration rather than hearing to detect the approach of large animals, including humans. All other dangerous Australian snakes will usually try and move away from a potential threat. Death adders often rely on camouflage, burrowing deeper into leaf litter or other ground debris, rather than moving out of the way. If stepped on they will bite rapidly and effectively. It is therefore fortunate that death adders seem to have adjusted poorly to human encroachment on their environment.

It is recommended that the Product Information be read before use and if necessary contact be made with a specialist in the field. Because of its low volume, CSL Red Back Spider Antivenom has a very low incidence of adverse reactions and this has allowed a lowering of the threshold for using it. Any patient with symptoms consistent with significant envenoming by a red back spider, such as local then generalised pain, sweating, ± hypertension, should be considered for a trial of the antivenom, even if no spider was seen.

G. "ABC") • Immediately apply a pressure immobilisation bandage. • Try and maintain the patient as still as possible and bring transport to them. • Always seek medical help at the earliest opportunity. • If the snake has been killed, bring it with the patient, but do not waste time, risk further bites and delay application of pressure bandage and splint by trying to kill the snake. • Do not wash the wound. • Do not use a tourniquet. • Do not cut or suck the wound. • Do not give alcohol to the patient.

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