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By Ed Diener

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The query of what constitutes the nice existence has been meditated for millennia. but basically within the final a long time has the examine of healthiness develop into a systematic undertaking. This e-book relies at the concept that we will empirically research caliber of existence and make cross-society comparisons of subjective wellbeing and fitness (SWB).

a possible challenge in learning SWB throughout societies is that of cultural relativism: if societies have various values, the participants of these societies will use diverse standards in comparing the luck in their society. through analyzing, even if, such facets of SWB as even if humans think they're dwelling properly, whether or not they take pleasure in their lives, and no matter if others vital to them think they're dwelling good, SWB can signify the measure to which individuals in a society are attaining the values they carry dear.

The members research SWB on the subject of cash, age, gender, democracy, and different components. one of the fascinating findings is that even supposing prosperous countries are on usual happier than bad ones, humans don't get happier as a filthy rich kingdom grows wealthier.

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