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By Jim Bernheimer

ISBN-10: 0979573882

ISBN-13: 9780979573880

My identify is Mike Ross. i am a Ferryman. I support individuals with ghost difficulties, or ghosts with humans difficulties. humorous factor, not anyone ever is helping me with my difficulties. Civil warfare ghosts bent on killing me, Skinwalkers who simply wish my physique, and a vindictive spirit associated either to my bloodline and my destiny... It seems the lifeless nonetheless carry a great deal of impact over the area, they usually don't need to offer it up. i am in excess of my head. thankfully, i am too obdurate to hand over.

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Instead, I slammed the woman’s face down onto the kitchen island, which shook with the impact. I had expected the ghost to pass right through, but contact with me must have made her somewhat tangible. I grunted, “Jenny, look at me! Did you hear that? ” Jenny just stood there open-mouthed. “C’mon! Snap out of it. While I’m holding her, you should be able to feel something here. ” That was the very first time I experienced this harsh lesson – a spirit in contact with the person they’re latched onto can draw energy from that person.

Ghosts were for old ladies, desperate to believe their friends and family were in a better place. They believe in the supernatural. I believed in things I could touch; things I could see. Well, that sure put a kink in my position, because I was starting to see things. Jenny had to remind me that I was supposed to copy my notes for her. Later when she looked at them, she might realize that I didn’t write anything for the last fifteen minutes of class, but going insane was a passable excuse in my book.

The man had signed the release himself less than a week before he died. It was all I had, well, that and a search engine called Google. Waiting for the web page to load was painful. It’s why I usually went to the library to use the Internet, but basic cable was about the only non-essential that Mom and I could afford. It might come as a surprise to some, but high speed Internet actually is a privilege, not a right. The twenty dollar difference between dial-up and broadband, well, that’ll buy a lot of macaroni and cheese or put gas in a car for a week.

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