Download e-book for iPad: Deep Future: The Next 100,000 Years of Life on Earth by Curt Stager

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By Curt Stager

ISBN-10: 0312614624

ISBN-13: 9780312614621

A Kirkus Reviews top Nonfiction of 2011 identify

A daring, far-reaching examine how our activities will come to a decision the planet's destiny for millennia to come.

Imagine a planet the place North American and Eurasian navies are squaring off over delivery lanes via an acidified, ice-free Arctic. Centuries later, their northern descendants retreat southward because the convalescing sea freezes all over again. And later nonetheless, destiny international locations plan how one can stay away from an coming near near Ice Age... by way of burning what continues to be of our fossil fuels.

These are only some of the occasions which are more likely to befall Earth and human civilization within the subsequent 100,000 years. and it'll be the alternatives we make during this century that may have an effect on that destiny greater than these of any earlier new release. we live on the sunrise of the Age of people; the one query is how lengthy that age will last.

Few folks haven't begun requested, "What occurs after international warming?" Drawing upon the newest, groundbreaking works of a handful of weather visionaries, Deep destiny is helping us glance past 2100 a.d. to the following hundred millennia of lifestyles on Earth.

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What he actually saw was the cellulose cell walls which, in the living tissue, surrounded the individual living cells from which the cork was derived. Extrapolating upon Hookes' observations, we can postulate that the cell is the fundamental building block of organisms. Some single cells are very large, such as a 14-cm ostrich egg, whereas others are small, such as blood cells (corpuscles) 10 microns in diameter. However, most cells have strikingly similar structures regardless of size or functions.

That figure may be subdivided, relative to the changes within the niche through which the organism passes as it ages. All details must be accommodated; for example, our figure of a niche may be somewhat altered if we consider the figure that defines the niche of a male versus that of a female organism of a particular species. Based on this concept, we can better examine the statement that because the niche of one species is unique, no two species can occupy the same niche at the same time. This is generally called the competitive exclusion principle.

Classification of natural communities. Bot. , 28, 1-239. Whittaker, R. H. 1970. Communities and Ecosystems. Macmillan, New York. Whittaker, R. , and S. A. ). 1975. Niche. Theory and Application. , 448 pp. Woodruff, L. L. 1912. Observations on the origin and sequence of the protozoan fauna of hay infusions. J. Exp. Zool. 12, 205-264. Woodwell, G. , and R. H. Whittaker. 1968. Primary production in terrestrial communities. Am. Zoologist, 8, 18-30. Woodwell, G. M. 1970. The energy cycle of the biosphere.

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