Download PDF by Structural Steel Educational Council (eds.): Design Examples Based on the AISC Manual

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By Structural Steel Educational Council (eds.)

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415 in. 0 in. 720 in. 02 in. 1 therefore, the web is not slender. 415in. Fy 50 ksi bf 2t f = E 10 in. 1 Case 3 slender. There are no slender elements. For compression members without slender elements, Specification Sections E3 and E4 apply. The nominal compressive strength, Pn, shall be determined based on the limit states of flexural, torsional, and flexural-torsional buckling. 81 in. 71 = 113 < 133 therefore, Specification Equation E3-3 applies. 50 ksi Fy π2 E = 2 π2 ( 29,000 ksi ) (133)2 Eqn.

0 in. 250 in. 00 in. 00 in. 08 in. 00 in. 0 in. 0 in. 2 Since the unbraced length is the same for both axes, the y-y axis will govern by inspection. 0 in. 08 in. 2 ksi Eqn. E3-4 Calculate the elastic critical torsional buckling stress Note: Torsional buckling will not govern if KLy > KLz, however, the check is included here to illustrate the calculation. Cw = I y ho 2 4 4 = Design Guide No. 9 Eqn. 4 in. 00 in. 00 in. 0 in. 41in. ( ) 2 4 4 ⎢ ⎥ 1100 in. 4 in. 2 ksi ( ) ( Design Guide No. 9 Eqn. 3-4 Eqn.

E5. SINGLE ANGLE COMPRESSION MEMBERS The available strength of single-angle compression members is tabulated in Part 4 of the Manual. E6. BUILT-UP MEMBERS There are no tables for built-up shapes in the Manual, due to the number of possible geometries. This section makes suggestions as to how select built-up members to avoid slender elements, thereby making the analysis relatively straightforward. E-3 E7. MEMBERS WITH SLENDER ELEMENTS The design of these members is similar to members without slender elements except that the formulas are modified by a reduction factor for slender elements, Q.

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Design Examples Based on the AISC Manual by Structural Steel Educational Council (eds.)

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