Download e-book for kindle: Devil in the Sky (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 11) by Greg Cox John Gregory Betancourt

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By Greg Cox John Gregory Betancourt

ISBN-10: 0671881140

ISBN-13: 9780671881146

The Hortas of Janus VI are the best miners within the galaxy, in a position to burning via reliable rock the way in which humanoids go through air. Recruited to aid rebuild Bajor's devastated mining undefined, the Hortas may supply new desire for the planet's suffering economic system. but if Cardassian raiders abduct the mummy Horta, Commander Sisko unearths himself caught with twenty Horta eggs -- after which the eggs start to hatch... whereas significant Kira leads a determined rescue venture deep into Cardassian area, Commander Sisko faces a ravaging mass of infant Hortas -- uncontrollable, indestructible, and wanting to eat Deep house 9™ itself!

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No, they'd have to be fast in and fast out, she thought, like Sisko had said. She allowed herself a tight smile. And just like the old days, when she left there would be a few less slime-devil Cardassians to worry about. Kira activated the thrusters, nosing the runabout up and away from DS9 in a series of gentle surges that the artificial gravity couldn't quite mask. "Docking ring cleared," Dax said. " She watched the viewscreen as the runabout turned smartly and accelerated away from the space station.

A shower of green sparks exploded from the console in front of the young Benzite. He fell from his seat and lay twitching only a few yards away from Ttan. The thin blue shell covering his flesh was splintered in several places. A thick orange liquid leaked through the crevices. Mercury mixed with platinum, Ttan realized. She regretted that she had never learned the ensign's name. "Shields down one hundred percent," Shirar warned. Her eyes did not leave her console display. " "Open hailing frequencies," Dawson ordered, star- ing in horror at the fallen Benzite.

Was it going to take the battle to the Amazon? Kira held her breath. "Enemy's shields at eight-five per- cent," Dax said calmly. " Then, to Kira's surprise and disappointment, the Cardassian raider rotated horizontally until the rear of the ship faced the runabout. Warp engines flashed like prismatic lightning before her eyes and the Cardassians took off in retreat. " she asked Dax quickly. "The Cardassian border. " Everything in Kira's blood urged her to pursue the Cardassian ship, to hunt them down and make them pay for this unforgivable attack, to recover what they had stolen from the Federation and Bajor.

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Devil in the Sky (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 11) by Greg Cox John Gregory Betancourt

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