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By Avi Wortis

"When you're useless, you're dead,"" his uncle tells him, yet John Proud fears another way. The sixteen-year-old's namesake, his great-great-great-great-grandfather, who died again in 1854, was once stumbled on to blame of being a demon and hanged. Now his malevolent spirit is again, wreaking havoc and seeking out a fit new physique to take over.Sixteen-year-old John Proud discovers his family's darkish secret'in 1854 an ancestral namesake confessed to being a demon. Now John unearths himself fighting his ancestor who's attempting to use John for an evil function. Mounting suspense plus the definite draw of occult horror will maintain readers turning the pages.

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Especially in the case of modern man, this consists of the conditioned, extrinsic, and contingent relationship characteristic of the physical state of existence. As for the varieties of what has been called the "spirit," they are a mere counterpart of physical existence, such that all of their values (good and evil, true and false, superior and inferior) do not constitute a gap in relation to what the Self is, as a human being, in the hierarchy of beings. This is why a crisis or a radical upheaval is necessary.

And now, detach yourself from your own self and cross the threshold, as you feel the rhythmic sensation of analogy, deeper and deeper into the dark recesses of the force that sustains your body. Here it loses name and individuation. The sensation of this force will expand to encompass the notions of "me" and "not-me," pervading all of nature, substantiating time, carrying myriads of beings along as if they were drunk or hypnotized, reaffirming itself in a thousand forms, irresistible, wild, limitless, burning with an eternal insufficiency and privation.

Concerning Guénon, see "Ea," "Sul 'sapeinziale' e l'eroico, e sulla tradizione occidentale (3. La crisi del mondo moderno secondo René Guénon)" (On "Divine Wisdom" and the Heroic, and on Western Tradition (3. The Crisis of the Modem World According to René Guénon) in Ur, II, 1 1 - 1 2 (1928), pp. 3 3 1 - 3 3 7 . This article, omitted from successive editions of Introduction to Magic, was reprinted as a booklet by itself in 1979 by Ursa Minor in Genoa. Our sourcebook (see note 14) includes Guénon's letter of December 18, 1928, to De Giorgio, in which he refers to this article.

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