Download e-book for kindle: Diccionario Ilustrado Botanica Everest (Spanish Edition) by Andrew Sugden (author), J. Tola Alonso, Pilar P. de

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By Andrew Sugden (author), J. Tola Alonso, Pilar P. de Valdelomar (translators)

ISBN-10: 8424115236

ISBN-13: 9788424115234

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Intention: 意图, 打算, 动机, 心意, 心眼儿, 用心, 用意, 念头. keeping: 保管, 保持. opening: 揭幕, 口, 打开, 孔, 开始. opposite: 相反, 相对, 对面, 对立面, 相反的. phosphorus: 磷. relieving: 解脱. search: 搜索, 搜查, 寻觅, 寻找, 找. sight: 视觉, 景象, 情景, 目光, 视力, 视线. spot: 斑点, 点子, 侦查. steerage: 统舱, 掌舵. surely: 一定, 保管, 肯定地. surprised: 惊讶. suspense: 悬疑, 悬而未决. trembling: 发抖, 发抖的. unaccountable: 莫名其妙, 无法解释的, 不可说明的. Edgar Allan Poe 31 (having squeezed my way through innumerable narrow windings), and found that it proceeded from some fragments of my matches lying in an empty barrel turned upon its side.

Dragging: 拖, 拖动, 拖曳. eager: 切望, 踊跃, 急切, 渴望的. echo: 回声, 反响, 回音. pressing: 紧迫, 逼人, 迫切, emotion: 感情, 情感, 情绪. 紧迫的. extricate: 撤出, 救出. pronounced: 明言. fits: 适合. protected: 保护. folding: 可折叠的. pursuit: 追求, 追击. furious: 狂怒, 猖狂, 狂怒的, 气愤. subdued: 被抑制的, 柔和的. furiously: 狂暴地. unexpected: 意想不到, 意外, 不虞, issuing: 发出. 突然, 出现意外, 没意料到的. knees: 膝盖. vigorously: 大力, 勃然, 起劲, loud: 高声, 大声, 大声的. 激烈地. penetrate: 穿透, 渗透. woollen: 羊毛制的, 毛织品. Edgar Allan Poe 37 and struggling for utterance. Had a thousand words depended upon a syllable, I could not have spoken it.

The spoiled meat I could well spare, but my heart sank as I thought of the water. I was feeble in the extreme -so much so that I shook all over, as with an ague, at the slightest movement or exertion. To add to my troubles, the brig was pitching and rolling with great violence, and the oil-casks which lay upon my box were in momentary danger of falling down, so as to block up the only way of ingress or egress. I felt, also, terrible sufferings from sea-sickness. These considerations determined me to make my way, at all hazards, to the trap, and obtain immediate relief, before I should be incapacitated from doing so altogether.

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