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By Tony Jaques

ISBN-10: 0313027994

ISBN-13: 9780313027994

ISBN-10: 0313335362

ISBN-13: 9780313335365

Lead Reviewer: Dr. Daniel Coetzee, self sustaining pupil, London, united kingdom assessment Board: Jeremy Black, college of Exeter, united kingdom Dr. Frances F. Berdan, Professor of Anthropology, California kingdom college, San Bernardino David A. Graff, affiliate Professor, division of historical past, Kansas country collage Dr. Kevin Jones, collage collage London Dr. John Laband, Wilfrid Laurier college, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Dr. Carter Malkasian, heart for Naval research Mr. Toby McLeod, Lecturer in glossy historical past, collage of Birmingham, united kingdom Dr. Tim Moreman, autonomous student, London, united kingdom Professor invoice Nasson, division of old reviews, collage of Cape city, South Africa Dr. David Nicolle, Honourary learn Fellow, Nottingham collage, united kingdom Dr. Kaushik Roy, Lecturer, division of background, Presidency collage, Kolkata, India Dennis Showalter, Professor of historical past, Colorado university Dr. Stephen Turnbull, Lecturer in eastern spiritual reviews, division of Theology and non secular stories, Leeds college, united kingdom Professor Michael Whitby, Professor of Classics and historic historical past, collage of Warwick, UK

Over 8,500 battles and sieges are covered-easily the main exhaustive reference resource in this easy element of army heritage. completely vetted by means of a professional board of interval and neighborhood specialists, this dictionary deals effortless to discover A-Z entries that disguise conflicts from essentially each period and position of human heritage. as well as exhaustive insurance of global conflict II, international conflict I, the yankee Civil warfare, medieval wars, and conflicts in the course of the classical period, this dictionary covers battles fought in pre-modern Africa, the center East, historical and Medieval India, China, and Japan, and early meso-American battle as well.

Going way past the common maximum or such a lot influential conflict layout, The Dictionary of Battles and Sieges deals readers details they might be hard-pressed to discover wherever else. Entries have been reviewed by way of zone and interval specialists to make sure accuracy and to supply the broadest insurance attainable. Jaques's Dictionary is actually worldwide in scope, protecting East Asia, South Asia, Eurasia, Europe, Africa, Mesoamerica, and North and South the US. Battles from wars nice and small are within the dictionary, together with battles from this very short sampling of wars coated, indexed to offer an idea of the book's deep insurance: Egyptian-Syrian Wars (1468 BC); the Assyrian Wars (724 - 648 BC); Greco-Persian Wars (498 - 450 BC); the Conquests of Alexander the nice (335-326 BC); Rome's Gallic Wars (121-52 BC); Han Imperial Wars (208); Hun-Ostrogoth Wars (454-68); Sino-Vietnamese Wars (547-605); Mecca-Medina conflict (624-30); Jinshin battle (672); Berber uprising (740-61); Viking Raids on, and in, Britain (793-954); Sino-Annamese warfare (938); Byzantine army Rebellions (978-89); Afghan Wars of Succession (998-1041); Russian Dynastic Wars (1016-94); Reconquista (1063-1492); Crusader-Muslim Wars (1100- 1179); Swedish Wars of Succession (1160-1210); Conquests of Genghis Khan (1202-27); William Wallace insurrection (1297-1304); Hundred Years struggle (1337-1453); warfare of Chioggia (1378-80); Vijayanagar-Bahmani Wars (1367-1406); Ottoman Civil Wars (1413-81); Mongol-Uzbek Wars (1497-1512); German Knights' warfare (1523); Burmese-Laotian Wars (1574); Cambodian-Spanish warfare (1599); King Philip's warfare (1675-77); Franco-Barbary Wars (1728); Bengal warfare (1763-65); French progressive Wars (1792-1801); Chilean battle of Independence (1813-26); Boer-Zulu battle (1838); Indian Mutiny (1858-59); Mexican-French battle (1862-67); Sino-Japanese warfare (1894-95); international struggle I (1914-18); Anhwei-Chihli warfare (1920); international warfare II (1939-45) Mau Mau insurrection (1955); second Indo-Pakistani battle (1965); Angolan conflict (1987-88); second Gulf warfare (2003- ).

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See Appendix English Invasion of Ireland: Athenry, 1316; Dysert O’Dea, 1318 Venetian-Genoese Wars: Saseno, 1264; Trapani, 1266; Laiazzo, 1294; Kaffa, 1296; Curzola, 1298; Constantinople, 1352; Sapienza, 1354 1st Ethiopian-Ifat War, 1320–1332. See Appendix Angevin Conquest of the Two Sicilies: Benevento, 1266; Tagliacozzo, 1268 Serbian Imperial Wars: Velbuzhde, 1330; Stefaniana, 1344; Adrianople, 1355 8th Crusade: Carthage (Tunisia), 1270 Genko War: Akasaka, 1331; Chihaya, Kamakura, Kyoto, 1333 Mamluk-Nubian War, 1272–1275.

See Appendix Neapolitan-Byzantine War: Berat, 1281 War of the Sicilian Vespers: Sicilian Vespers, 1282; Messina, 1283; Naples, 1284 English Conquest of Wales: Aber Edw, Bangor, 1282; Conwy, 1295 Genoese-Pisan War: Meloria, 1284 French-Aragonese War: Gerona, Las Hormigas, 1285 German Ducal Wars: Worringen, 1288 Habsburg-Swiss Wars: Winterthur, 1292; Nafels, 1352; Sempach, 1386; Nafels, 1388 English Invasion of Scotland: Berwick, Dunbar, 1296 William Wallace Revolt: Stirling, 1297; Falkirk, 1298; Roslin, 1303; Happrew, Stirling, 1304 Rebellion of the Marches: Boroughbridge, 1322 Anglo-Scottish War of Succession: Annan, Dupplin, 1332; Berwick, Halidon Hill, 1333; Dundarg, 1334; Boroughmuir, Kilblain, 1335; Lochindorb, 1336; Crichton, 1337; Dunbar, 1337–1338; Perth, 1339 Ashikaga Rebellion: Kamakura, 1335; Kyoto, Minatogawa, Tatarahama, 1336 Hundred Years War: Cadsand, 1337; Sluys, Tournai, 1340; Hennebont, 1341–1342; Brest, Morlaix, Quimperle´, 1342; Auberoche, 1345; Aiguillon, Caen, Crecy, St Pol de Le´on, 1346; Calais, 1346–1347; Roche-Derrien, 1347; Winchelsea, 1350; Saintes, Thirty, 1351; Mauron, 1352; Poitiers, 1356; Rennes, 1356–1357; Rheims, 1359–1360; Brignais, 1362; Becherel, 1363; Auray, Cocherel, 1364; Navarette, 1367; Limoges, Pontvallain, 1370; La Rochelle, 1372; xxxii Chronological Reference Guide Chize, 1373; Chateauneuf-de-Randon, 1380; Bruges, Roosebeke, 1382; Margate, 1387; Othe´e, 1408; Agincourt, Harfleur, 1415; Harfleur, Valmont, 1416; Caen, 1417; Rouen, 1418–1419; Fresnay, Melun, 1420; Bauge´, 1421; Meaux, 1421–1422; Cravant, 1423; Verneuil, 1424; Avranches, 1426; Montargis, 1427; Orleans, 1428–1429; Jargeau, Paris, Patay, Rouvray, 1429; Compiegne, 1430; Bulgne´ville, 1431; Paris, 1436; Pontoise, 1441; Rouen, 1449; Caen, 1450; Formigny, 1450; Bordeaux, Castillon, 1453 Condottieri Wars: Parabiago, 1339 Burgundian-Swiss Wars: Laupen, 1339; Fribourg, 1340 War of the Swabian League: Ulm, 1376; Reutlingen, 1377 War of Chioggia: Antium, 1378; Pula, 1379; Chioggia, 1379–1380 Neapolitan-Papal War: Anagni, 1381 Portuguese-Castilian Wars: Atoleiros, 1384; Aljubarrota, 1385 English Barons’ Revolt: Radcot Bridge, 1387 Padua-Verona War: Castagnaro, 1387 German Towns War: Doffingen, 1388; Beraun, 1394 Wars of Scandinavian Union: Aasle, Falkoping, 1389 Florentine-Pisan Wars: Lucca, 1341 Glendower’s Rebellion: Welshpool, 1400; Pilleth, 1402 Hungarian-Venetian Wars: Zara, 1346 Habsburg-Swiss Wars: Speicher, 1403; Stoss, 1405; Bregenz, 1408 Anglo-Scottish Border Wars: Neville’s Cross, 1346; Nesbit, 1355; Otterburn, 1388; Homildon Hill, Nesbit, 1402 Percy’s Rebellion: Shrewsbury, 1403; Bramham Moor, 1408 Aragonese Civil War: Epila, 1348 Florentine-Pisan Wars: Pisa, 1406 War of the Japanese Emperors: Shijo Nawate, 1348 Ming Imperial Wars: Kerulen, 1409; Jing Luzhen, Onon, 1410; Tumu, 1449 Florentine-Milanese Wars: Scarperia, 1351; Castellazzo, 1391; Brescia, 1401 Aragon’s Conquest of Sardinia: Alghero, 1353–1354 Rise of the Ming Dynasty: Nanjing, 1356; Shaoxing, 1359; Nanchang, Poyang Lake, 1363; Suzhou, 1366– 1367 Wars of the Hanseatic League: Visby, 1361; Copenhagen, Helsingborg, 1362 Russian-Mongol Wars: Syni Vody, 1362; Vozha, 1378; Kalka, Kulikovo, 1380; Moscow, 1382 Ottoman Conquest of the Balkans: Maritza, 1363; Vidin, 1366; Maritza, Samokov, 1371; Savra, 1385; Plotchnik, 1387; Kossovo, 1389; Rovine, 1395; Nicopolis (Bulgaria), 1396 Egyptian Crusade of Peter of Cyprus: Alexandria, 1365 Conquests of Tamerlane: Tashkent, 1365; Balkh, 1370; Herat, 1383; Isfahan, 1387; Syr Darya, 1389; Kunduzcha, 1391; Shiraz, 1393; Terek, 1395; Delhi, Multan, 1398; Meerut, Vorskla, 1399; Aleppo, Baghdad, 1400; Damascus, 1401; Angora, Smyrna, 1402 Vijayanagar-Bahmani Wars: Kauthal, 1367; Krishna, 1398; Vijayanagar, 1406; Pangul, 1418–1420; Mudgal, 1443 Castilian War of Succession: Montiel, 1369 Scottish Clan Wars: Invernahavon, 1370; North Inch, 1396; Arbroath, 1446 Later Wars of the Teutonic Knights: Tannenberg, 1410; Wilkomierz, 1435 MacDonald Rebellion: Harlaw, 1411; Lochaber, 1429; Inverlochy, 1431; Strathfleet, 1453; Bloody Bay, 1480 Ottoman Civil Wars: Chamorlu, 1413; Yenisehir, 1481 2nd Ethiopian-Ifat War, 1415.

See Appendix Mongol Conquest of China: Yuxian, 1232; Kaifeng, 1232–1233; Jiangling, 1236; Diao Yu, 1258 Rise of Mali, 1235–1332. See Appendix 2nd Latin-Byzantine Imperial War: Constantinople, 1236 Branas Rebellion: Constantinople, 1187 Early Wars of the Teutonic Knights: Siauliai, 1236; Durbe, 1260; Rakvere, 1268; Karuse, 1270; Aizkraulke, 1279 3rd Crusade: Cresson, Hattin, Jerusalem, Tyre, 1187; Acre, 1189–1191; Arsouf, 1191; Joppa, 1192 Mongol Conquest of Russia: Ryazan, 1237; Kolomna, Moscow, Sit, Vladimir, 1238; Kiev, 1240 Byzantine-Serbian War: Morava, 1190 Imperial-Papal Wars: Cortenuova, 1237; Brescia, 1238; Meloria, 1241; Parma, 1247–1248; Fossalta, 1248 Imperial Invasion of Sicily: Ascoli, 1190 Bulgarian Imperial Wars: Berroea, 1190; Arcadiopolis, 1194; Adrianople, 1205; Philippopolis, 1208; Trnovo, 1218; Klokotnitsa, 1230; Adrianople, 1255 French War of Richard I: Freteval, 1194; Gisors, 1198; Chalus, 1199 Later Crusader-Muslim Wars: Gaza, 1239; Jerusalem, La Forbie, 1244; Ascalon, 1247; Sarvantikar, 1266; Antioch (Syria), 1268; Krak de Chevaliers, 1271; Marqab, 1285; Tripoli (Lebanon), 1289; Acre, 1291; Rhodes, 1310; Smyrna, 1344 Muslim War of Succession, 1196–1200.

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