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By McGraw-Hill

ISBN-10: 0071410430

ISBN-13: 9780071410434

Derived from the content material of the revered McGraw-Hill Dictionary of clinical and Technical phrases, 6th version, every one identify presents hundreds of thousands of definitions of phrases and words encountered in a selected self-discipline. All include:
* Pronunciation advisor for each term
* Acronyms, cross-references, and abbreviations
* Appendices with conversion tables; listings of medical, technical, and mathematical notation; tables of suitable facts; and more
* A handy, quick-find layout

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A¯ menиə re¯иə } amensalism [ECOL] A type of interaction that is neutral to one species but harmful to a second species. { a¯ menиsə lizиəm } ament [BOT] A catkin. [MED] A person with congenital mental deficiency; an idiot. { a¯ ment } amentia [MED] Congenital subnormal intellectual development. { a¯ menshиə } Amera [INV ZOO] One of the three divisions of the phylum Vermes proposed by O. Bu¨tschli in 1910 and given the rank of a subphylum. { amи əиrə } American boreal faunal region [ECOL] A zoogeographic region comprising marine littoral animal communities of the coastal waters off eastcentral North America.

Alиə ga¯dиər } Alligatorinae [VERT ZOO] A subgroup of the crocodilian family Crocodylidae that includes alligators, caimans, Melanosuchus, and Paleosuchus. { alиəиgə to˙rиə ne¯ } Allium [BOT] A genus of bulbous herbs in the family Liliaceae including leeks, onions, and chives. { alиe¯иəm } alloantibody [IMMUNOL] Antibody that reacts with an antigen occurring in a genetically different member of the same species. { ¦aиlo¯¦antи i ba¨dиe¯ } alkaline phosphatase 23 alloantigen alloantigen See isoantigen.

Eиro¯ ta¨lиəиrənt } aerotropism [BOT] A response in which the growth direction of a plant component changes due to modifications in oxygen tension. { eи ro¯ tro¯ pizиəm } aeschynomenous [ BOT ] Having sensitive leaves that droop when touched, such as members of the Leguminosae. { esиkə na¨mиəиnəs } Aesculus [BOT] A genus of deciduous trees or shrubs belonging to the order Sapindales. Commonly known as buckeye. { esиkyəиləs } Aeshnidae [INV ZOO] A family of odonatan insects in the suborder Anisoptera distinguished by partially fused eyes.

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