Doing Psychiatry Wrong: A Critical and Prescriptive Look at by René J. Muller PDF

By René J. Muller

ISBN-10: 0881634697

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ISBN-13: 9781420069990

The prospect that the psychiatric career has harm instead of helped lots of its sufferers is amazingly disheartening; even though, flawed diagnoses and unsuitable therapy are all too universal mistakes in the box.

Author René Muller provides a revealing check out how psychiatry has failed an exceptional majority of sufferers, all of the whereas spotting the valiant efforts made through psychiatrists who keep their integrity and serve their sufferers good. the result's an enlightening critique of the profession―one that pits feedback of psychiatry's present organic aid and exaggerated supplies opposed to the collected knowledge of a career that has struggled for a century and a part to appreciate and aid people with psychological illness.

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The leap made from the hard science of laboratory ­measurements—including supposed determinations of neurotransmitter levels and real-time visualizations of brain function on the color-coded monitors of brain scanners—to the abnormal productions of consciousness is a stretch of dubious validity. In these measurements, some mental­ dis­ order is related to some marker that is related to some molecular function­ in some part of the brain that has been shown to be associated with feeling, thinking, and behavior.

But thought—I am the one who continues it, unrolls it. I exist …. My thought is me. I exist because I think … and I can’t stop myself from thinking …. I am the one who pulls myself from the nothingness to which I aspire …2 Sartre convinces us that Roquentin has turned a corner, and started living his own life. ”). Once Roquentin stops deceiving himself about what it means to live, his body comes alive as well: he feels the saliva in his mouth, the warmth of his skin, his weight on the floor. Sartre tells us that before he embraced his contingency and became an active player in his life, Roquentin had been so passive that the objects he encountered seemed to touch him.

Many psychiatrists would have started Art on the road to being a schizo­ phrenic patient. Art was fortunate, though his salvation from misdiagnosis­ did not lack irony. Adam, whose story follows, was not so fortunate. indd 32 5/29/07 8:07:04 AM Chapter 5 A Blatant Misdiagnosis of Schizophrenia While making a sandwich for a customer, Adam cut his hand with a knife. The cut was not deep, did not bleed much, and did not need sutures. He stood back from the counter, overwhelmed by what had just happened.

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