Joann Sfar, Lewis Trondheimt's Donjon Zénith, tome 5 : Un mariage à part PDF

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  • February 14, 2018
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By Joann Sfar, Lewis Trondheimt

ISBN-10: 2840557347

ISBN-13: 9782840557340

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The point applies no less to Hugo: his vague, resonant words would lose much of their effect if not periodically crystallized in the stark concrete image. In the above example, the personified vision of Nothingness rearing its head from the abyss stands out all the more dramatically against such 'bodiless' words as 'temps', 'espace', 'nombre', 'forme', 'unite' and 'neant'; and Hugo is renowned for lines like 'Le chaos est l'epoux lascif de l'infini' which weld intangible concepts into a highly sensual metaphor.

In other instances, it is not the intrinsic properties of the masculine or feminine rhyme which catch the attention, but the way in which the poet has used their alternation to underline two different aspects of his theme. In the first stanza of Cros's Cueillette: C'etait un vrai petit voyou, Elle venait on ne sait d'ou, Moi, je l'aimais comme une bete. Oh! la jeunesse, quelle fete! the masculine rhymes are reserved for the more offhand, colloquial and pejorative description, whereas the feminine ones accompany a more enthusiastic and, in the final line, more hyperbolic expression of his personal emotions.

In the following stanza from Le Serpent qui danse : Comme un navire qui s'eveille Au vent du matin, Mon ame reveuse appareille Pour un ciel lointain, the feminine rhymes link the two terms of the comparison, making one more aware of the interchange between the ideas of 'navire' and 'appareille', 'reveuse' and 's'eveille'. The quatrains of the sonnet Sed non satiata are a particularly rich illustration of rhyming: Bizarre deite, brune comme les nuits, Au parfum melange de muse et de ha vane, (Euvre de quelque obi, le Faust de la savane, Sorciere au flanc d'ebene, enfant des noirs minuits, Je prefere au Constance, a Topium, au nuits, L'elixir de ta bouche ou l'amour se pavane; Quand vers toi mes desirs partent en caravane, Tes yeux sont la citerne ou boivent mes ennuis.

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