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By Holly Cupala

ISBN-10: 0061766690

ISBN-13: 9780061766695

Pleasure delamere is suffocating. From bronchial asthma, from her mom and dad, and from her boyfriend, Asher, who's smothering her from the interior out. she will take his merciless phrases, his delicate phrases . . . till the evening they move too some distance. to flee, pleasure sacrifices her suburban existence to discover the person who provided his aid, a homeless boy known as Creed. He introduces her to a global of fierce loyalty, to its ideas of survival, and to love—a global she won’t simply enable cross. Set opposed to the backdrop of the streets of Seattle, Holly Cupala’s power­ful new novel explores the subtleties of abuse, the secrets and techniques we retain, and the how one can redemption. yet certainly, it really is an unflinching tale concerning the striking lengths one woman will visit observe her personal energy.

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No note. No fingerprints. My eyes scanned the bedroom one last time for anything I might have forgotten. My window was open to the breeze and my bed unmade, as if I were snatched right out of it. m. A muddy pair of men’s work boots waited next to my old backpack, stuffed with water bottles and Clif Bars and inhalers. I only took a handful of each so they wouldn’t notice what was gone. Those were the things I’d prepared for, but now that I was leaving, the unexpected reached out to hold me back.

Take that. Moving on to the next row, I couldn’t help but peek back. There he was, at the saints bracelet. Memorizing my number? Trying to steal my bid? Well, I wasn’t about to lose. I looked around wildly while his back was turned and hit upon—an evening of drinks and music at The Cloud Room. No matter if it was twenty-one and over, somehow I would sneak in with Neeta and a couple of others, and we’d have a wild night on top of the Camlin Hotel. 235. If I was going to lose the Cranium package, I would have to find something for Jonah.

At ten, they might start to worry. Eventually Dad might call the cleaning lady and find out about the dirt, all the evidence sucked up by a vacuum cleaner . . That’s when all hell would break loose. The rest I didn’t want to imagine. There would be fallout. My parents would be frantic and Jonah would be frightened. I knew I was leaving a nightmare in my wake . . the thought of it made my lungs hurt. I focused on the things I knew: I needed a place to sleep. I needed to find the one I was looking for.

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