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By Professor Haiyan Hu, Professor Zaihua Wang (auth.)

ISBN-10: 3642078397

ISBN-13: 9783642078392

ISBN-10: 3662050307

ISBN-13: 9783662050309

Recent years have witnessed a speedy improvement of energetic keep watch over of assorted mechanical platforms. With more and more strict standards for keep an eye on pace and process functionality, the unavoidable time delays in either controllers and actuators became a major challenge. for example, all electronic controllers, analogue anti­ aliasing and reconstruction filters convey a definite time hold up in the course of operation, and the hydraulic actuators and man or woman interplay often exhibit much more major time delays. those time delays, albeit very brief normally, frequently become worse the keep an eye on functionality or perhaps reason the instability of the process, be­ reason the actuators may well feed power in the mean time whilst the approach doesn't want it. hence, the influence of time delays at the process functionality has drawn a lot at­ tention within the layout of robots, lively automobile suspensions, lively tendons for tall constructions, in addition to the managed vibro-impact platforms. nevertheless, the thoroughly designed hold up keep an eye on may well enhance the functionality of dynamic sys­ tems. for example, the not on time kingdom suggestions has came across its purposes to the layout of dynamic absorbers, the linearization of nonlinear platforms, the regulate of chaotic oscillators, and so on. such a lot managed mechanical structures with time delays will be modeled because the dynamic structures defined through a collection of standard differential equations with time delays.

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Now, we start the analysis of next lemma. The property of the contour integral on ~ is considerably simple. 47) as IAI-HOO with ReA,~O . Thereby, we obtain f r _1_. P'(A)dA=_l /2 [n+d;(re i8 )llB+O(y-I). 48) However, d] (A) is a linear combination of the exponential functions e~Ar" e~Ar2, ... and e~Arl with ,;>O,so id;(rei8)i is bounded and limr->+wd;(re i8 )=0. Applying the dominated convergence theorem to Eq. 28) yields lim_l_ r P'(A)dA=~. 50) For sufficiently large w>O, M(w»O and N(w)=o(M(w)) are true.

1 and Fig. 2, all the identified parameters approached the exact values if the sampled data were free of measurement noise. 1 and Fig. 44% when only 5% white noise was added to the sampled data. The next example will show how to improve the applicability of the approach in the noisy case. 2 Consider a forced Duffing oscillator with linear delayed state feedback. 786. 1 was used in the numerical simulation of system response. Ols. The open-loop parameters, and ,u were first identified and then substituted into the closed-loop model.

In this subsection, a brief discussion will be made mainly on the identifiability of time delays of a linear dynamic system. Consider again the frequency response function of a linear delay system of single degree offreedom given by Eq. 29) where { a(01,TI'T 2 }=k-UCOS01T 1 -v01sin01T 2 , b(01,TpT2 )=c01+usin01T1 -V01COS01T 2 . 30) Obviously, both a(01,TI,T2) and b(01,T1,T2 ) are real functions in the time delays TI and T 2 , and has the same period 2n/01. 32) 2pn 2qn b(w,-,-)=b(w,O,O). 31) implies that the identified time delays f] and fz may differ from the actual time delays 1'] and l' z by 2 pnl w and 2qnl w if only the harmonic excitation of frequency w is used in the test.

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